Drodo Wiki: Cave Prodigy & Hero's Back

Auto Chess 2021-08-31

[Hero's Back]

Summons a unit of the highest cost that has been killed in this round, grants it with 100 initial mana. If it’s a chess piece or a summon, it will have the same star level as Cave Prodigy; if it’s a creep, then it will stay the same.

(Resurrected chess pieces have no items and can't be affected by synergies.)


Q1: Cave Prodigy can summon the highest cost piece that has been killed in the battle, how about the Star level? For example, one 1-star 5-cost piece and one 2-star 3-cost both died in a battle, will Cave Prodigy bring the 5-cost one first?

A: No. Cave Prodigy will only check the selling price. In this case, he will randomly resurrect one.


Q2: Can Cave Prodigy resurrect the same piece multiple times? For example, I have one Phantom Queen who died in this battle, will Cave Prodigy resurrect two same Phantom Queen by casting the ability twice?

A: There is a limit. If there's no chess piece in " the graveyard", Cave Prodigy won't use his ability. Unless the resurrected Phantom Queen dies again. But there's no limit for chess pieces with the same name. If there are N Phantom Queens on the board and died, Cave Prodigy can summon all of them.


Q3: Which grid will the summoned chess piece locate?

A: The nearest grid of Cave Prodigy


Q4: What if all eight grids around Cave Prodigy are full?

A: He won't cast his ability.


Q5: What's the selling price of a resurrected piece?

A: Based on its current price. E.g. if a 1-star God of War (3 Gold) died, and got summoned by a 2-star Cave Prodigy. The price will become 5 Gold (2-star God of War). This is the same as Shaman(4). BTW, Doom Arbiter will choose the target to [Curse] depending on the new price,