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1. To apply for the Experimental Server qualification, the following conditions must be met: the role registration period is longer than 30 days; no uncivilized game behavior in the formal service;

2. The application for the qualification of Auto Chess Experimental Server is open on a regular basis. The opening hours will be announced in advance on the official website, etc. It is not possible to apply during when the application channel is closed; currently the application channel is open for most of the countries, players from other regions without access, please stay tuned for any follow-up notices;

3. After applying for the qualification, please wait patiently for further notice. The system will randomly select applicants and issue the Experimental Server qualifications;

4. Results of application will be announced on the Experimental Server section of our official website. In addition, all qualified players will be notified through email;

5. Any uncivilized behavior would result in retraction of Experimental Server qualification as well as permanent blacklisting;

6. The experience qualification account should be strictly for self-use, behaviors such as lending, sale, and etc. are prohibited. Once such behaviors are verified, the player's Experimental Server qualification would be retracted immediately;

7. For players who have not logged into the Experimental Server for over 1 month, their qualifications may be recovered by the system;

8. The download of package of "Auto Chess (Experimental server)" is available. You can log in directly with your account.

Experimental Server Guide

  • 1

    What is the 'Auto Chess Experimental Server'

    The Auto Chess Experimental Server is a test server open to the public, which is similar to the Experimental Server of other games. Any important updates will be released here first, including new pieces, new items, new modes, and more. Entering the Auto Chess Experimental Server requires a special client, and a Dragonest account is also required. The Experimental Server is available to Android users only.

  • 2

    How to get the qualification?

    We will open this page from time to time (opening time will be announced in advance on the official website and etc.), players can click [Qualification Application] to apply.

  • 3

    What are the perks of the Experimental Server?

    The Experimental Server will occasionally gift a certain amount of candy and other props to all the players (the specific quantity will be adjusted according to the test content), in order to facilitate the players to experience the new features. For users who submit constructive suggestions in the Experimental Server and discover major bugs for the first time, we will give them a considerable reward to their formal server role and Experimental Server role.

  • 4

    What are the precautions for the Experimental Server?

    1. The Experimental Server does not retain records. It will delete files and clear user data from time to time, and will also halt service for updates.

    2. The data of the Experimental Server is not interoperable with the official server data.

    3. The purpose of the Experimental Server is to test the new function and identify BUGs. The in-game settings may be different from the formal server (such as level-up, double experience, etc.). The test content is not equivalent to the final content of the game, please refer to the official announcement.

    4. The cases of setbacks, dropped calls, and items cannot be purchased are normal to testing, so we will not proceed reports of these problems, please understand. At the same time, we encourage you to provided any suggestions and feedbacks on BUGs, which can be submitted through the in-game feedback button.