Streamer Recruitment Project

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Participate in Auto Chess official Streamer Recruitment Project, and meet certain conditions to earn a good salary. Click to sign up and fill in the application to get the chance of becoming one of our officially sponsored streamers.


Love livestreaming, love Auto Chess and also have a certain fan base. It will be better if you are good at playing Auto Chess with a good voice and commentating ability.


After passing our screening, you will start to be sponsored by Auto Chess Official Team and earn money every month as long as you meet our conditions.

Project Details

How to sign up

1. Fill in the application form.
2. Our staff will review your application and send a confirmation to your email when you pass the screening.
3. All qualified streamers will need to sign an agreement in order to be our partnered streamers.
4. Our screening criteria:
(1)Number of followers≥2000
(2)Livestreaming time per day≥4hrs
(3)Streamers with those qualities will be preferred:
·Good at playing Auto Chess, publishing gaming strategies on different platforms
·Having a good voice and commentating ability
·Professional in live-streaming

Livestreaming Rules

1. Content for livestreaming is only Auto Chess. If streamers livestream other contents, please remember to switch to other categories. And other contents will not be included into valid livestreaming time;

2. The name for livestreaming should be [AutoChess]XXXXXX;

3. Your live channel should be comfortable to watch;

4. Conforming to the above Livestreaming Rules and following Other Notes, the streamer reach the following goals and will be rewarded with the corresponding salary;

6.Time livestreamed and time watched are subject to the background statistics that livestreaming platforms provide with.


Other Notes

1. Streams should strictly follow the basic rules of the platforms. Any streamer who violates the basic rules during live streaming will get penalty, including being disqualified from the project, canceling the rewards or banning the live channel, based on the severity of the violation;

2. Streamers are not allowed to livestream on different platforms at the same time. Once verified, we will cancel the rewards and remove those streamers from our project;

3. Streamers are not allowed to cheat in livestreaming. For example, streamers with the following actions including AFK(Repeated contents in the livestreaming for a long time, frozen screen, no commentating voice will be considered as AFK), playing recordings, falsifying viewer number will be disqualified from our project and will not receive the rewards that have been reached;

4. If we receive and verify reports more than once that streamers violate the above rules, smear the game or livestream other contents irrelevate to Auto Chess, we will disqualify those streamers and cancel the rewards that have been reached;

5. Please pay attention to the notifications in the Streamer Recruitment Group. If streamers are unable to receive the rewards due to not viewing in-group notifications, they will be fully responsible for the consequences.

6. Auto Chess Operation Team reserves the right to the final explanation of this project.