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Drodo Q&A: The Update II

Auto Chess 2021-03-26

To solve the issues since the last big update, we have done some fixes last night. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this brought, and we will try our best to solve the issues.

We have launched an update last night to fix some bugs and will release another one today to fix more. Thanks for your support and understanding!

1.Crashes are still happening

A: After the update last night, we found some players still have crash issues. We are deeply sorry about that and are trying our best to fix them. Please leave your related info to us once you encountered a game crash.

(Platform: mobile, PC, PS; Player ID; Platform information; Crash time; Game mode/page)

2.Delays during a battle or after a battle. 

Progress: we are fixing this issue urgently. It's our first priority to make the game work normally.

3."Returning Event" temporarily removed

A: We have issued compensation to players who have been qualified for the 14 days log-in of this event during Mar. 12~Mar. 25. Please kindly check your mail.

4.Can't get the avatar in Chess Pass by clicking it.

A: Please click the text area on the left instead of clicking the avatar icon. We will optimize this in the future.

5.The item drop abnormity, item combination disappearance issue, win streak abnormity

Progress: We are detecting and fixing issues at the moment.

6.Audio and related setting abnormity on the PC version 

A: It's been detected and will be fixed soon in the next weekly update.