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Auto Chess 2021-03-24

Dear Players,

Auto Chess will be under maintenance at 16:00 on 2021-03-24 (UTC) for approximately 6 hours. And we will disable Workshop at 14:00 and Matchmaking system at 15:00 on 2021-03-24 (UTC).

You won’t be able to log into the game during this period. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

Patch Notes:


New Chess Piece

1. Space Walker

Quality: Legendary

Race: Beast

Class: Martialist

Ability: Heaven-shocking: Passive: Increases 1 level of [Chi] each time dealing damage to an enemy unit with base attack. When reaching [Chi] level 4, Heaven-shocking can be casted.

Active: (Heaven-shocking): The next base attack deals 200% / 250% / 350% damage to enemy units in a straight line and stuns them for 0.5/1/2 seconds.


1. Martialist

Class Synergy(2): When an ally is attacked, 30% of the non-pure damage received will be turned into pure damage and be equally shared by all allies. (The shared damage will not lead to death.)



1. Shaman

Class Synergy:

(4): All allied Shamans get a buff: Turns into a random piece that costs +2, the piece turned into does not inherit synergy effects or items.

2. Pandaman

Race Synergy:

(1)(2)(3) invitation probability adjustment: the invitation chance will keep increasing for each round it doesn't invite a chess piece until inviting one successfully. The increased probability will then be reset.

3. Beast

Race synergy:

(6): extra damage enemy takes 18 → 15

4. Cave Clan

Race synergy:

(6)Bonus HP:450+chess player's missing HP*900% → 600+chess player's missing HP*900%

5. Glacier

Race synergy:

(6): All allies Attack Speed +90% → 100%

6. Warrior

Class synergy:

(3)(6)(9): All allied warriors gain 6/12/15 → 6/12/18 Armor

Chess piece:

1. Thorn Predator:

Egersis race added.

(Insectoid & Assassin→Egersis & Insectoid & Assassin)

2. Ghost Kid:

temporarily removed from Rank, Casual, and some other modes.

3. Sky Breaker

Ability-Battery Assault: DMG 50/75/100 → 50/75/125

4. Heaven Bomber

Ability-Tracing Missile: DMG 200/300/500 → 175/275/450

5. Ripper

Ability-Reaping Death: DMG 150/200/250 → 150/200/300

6. Water Spirit

Ability-Wave Splash: DMG 175/250/400 → 175/275/400

7. Ember Blade

Ability-Catching Fire: Ability attack area 3/3.5/4 grids → 2.5/3/3.5 grids

8. Fallen Witcher

Ability-Metamorphism: bonus ATK 80/100/160 → 70/90/150


1. Shadow Edge

Deals Pure Damage to enemies within 1 grid:20% → 15%

2. Pulse Staff

Ability Damage: 300 → 250

3. Anti-Maga Cloak

Magic Resistance: 30% → 40%

Shield block magic damage: 150 → 200

4. Orb of Regen

Mana Restoration on hit:100% → 150%

5. Jade Pipe

Magic Resistance: 35%→50%

Shield block magic damage: 250 → 400


1. Chess piece being knocked away will stun for 0.1s, this mainly works on Hunter(9) synergy and some items (e.g. Black Ice Lance; Holy Spirit Lance)


1. Season 11 will start at 16:00 on 2021-03-28 (UTC).

2. New Season Chess Player: Heaven Fairy.

[Chess Pass]

1.Please note that Chess Pass for S10 will end on 15:59, March. 28 (UTC).

2.Chess Pass for S11 will start on 16:00, March. 28 (UTC) alongside the new season.


New system

1. Check-in system:

New Check-in system will be available!

2. Fragment Store:

New Fragment Store will be available!

New game mode

1.Training camp

A whole new tutorial, learn the game with more fun!


New game mode - Personal Designer: Build your own deck and play a different Auto Chess!

Map removed - Beloved One: this map will be temporarily removed after the update.

New Features

1. In-game live comment notification: when acquired a chess piece via Pandaman synergy

2. On the item choosing interface, items with the highest pick rate will be marked as Hot.

3. Added "Adjust Position" and "Distribute Items" button in battle phase and tooltips

4. Added new players "EXP Boost" and "EXP Boost" in homepage and settlement interface.

5. Added "Item Recommendation" switch in settings.

6. Added the "Favorite" button on the lineup overview page.


1.Optimized the gold drop performance when a player is defeated.

2.Optimized the EXP bar display in games.

3.Optimized the Population display in the Preparation phase.

4.Optimized the Chess skin unlock progress in the Chess skin interface.

5.Optimized the display of chessboard Louis Fair.

6.Optimized the CD time display for items with active effect.

7.Optimized the experience when using "Heart of Mech" to refresh the store.

8.Optimized the movement speed when moving pieces in games.

9.Optimized the translation function in World chat.

10.Optimized the item display logic in the Inventory.

Above are the patch notes for this update. Please contact the in-game customer service should you have any issues. See you in the game!

Auto Chess Operation Team