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Community World Cup Interview——Team Peru

Auto Chess 2021-03-22


1.   What’s your feelings of miss out on the championship?

Peru-Solduri:It feels bad, to know we were so close to winning it all and not being able to.

Peru-ShAdDixX:What’s your feelings of miss out on the championship?

At the beginning it is frustrating not only because of how close we were and perhaps with a bit of luck in objects or confrontations we were able to win but because of all the training and dedication of the team. But looking back we were never the favorite team and we fought each game as if it were the last, analyzing each opponent so I am happy with the performance.

Peru-Poyo:Frustration, we were very close to taking the glass, leaving empty-handed hurt me a lot.

Peru-Revenge:Very sad for not being able to take that title, but happy for what the team showed that it is all the level that the Peruvian team has.


2.   How did this loss affect you?

Peru-Solduri:Sad at first and I put blame on myself.

Peru-ShAdDixX:Losing a tournament is always painful but we know that you cannot always win and we must persevere to achieve it in future editions so I am still motivated and I have already turned the page.

Peru-Poyo:For me not much, just not taking anything bothered me.

Peru-Revenge:If it hurt us because we were nowhere to win the championship and due to minimal details it could not be done.

3.   Looking back on the whole final, do you have any regrets or feel that you could have performed better?

Peru-Solduri:Game 1 in the finals I could have done better, had the highroll panda granny hit and into 6 human game and wasn't able to top2 for my team.

Peru-ShAdDixX:There will always be things to improve and details that could be done better, perhaps I regret not having that vividness of stealing pieces from the opponents as the Japan team did with us, surely you could have taken us the final if that Shadow Crawler 3 did not arrive in the final.

Peru-Poyo:You can always perform better.

Peru-Revenge:I think the team played the best it could in every game and that's why we reached the final.

4.   How do you evaluate the final match against China?

Peru-Solduri:China was really solid and played a few different things we didn't expect. But at the same time we were playing really well and the games remained close.

Peru-ShAdDixX:A very close match, I feel that we had the same style of play and we played almost at the same speed and everything was defined by details and a bit of RNG.

Peru-Poyo:Very close match.

Peru-Revenge:We knew that that match was going to be very difficult as China was one of the favorite teams to win the title and it was.

5.   What is the biggest reward of participating in the official world tournament for the first time?

Peru-Solduri:Being able to see all these teams practice and prepare so much and play against them to show our skill too.

Peru-ShAdDixX:The support provided by the community both in Latin America and in other countries, recognizing that we did not reach the final for free but we fought at all times, in turn, for us who are passionate about the game, it is a window for more people to dare to try it and invite friends to play it. And being recognized by the media in our country is a plus that I am sure will help the community grow in Latin America. We hope that Drodo and Pocket bet on the region.

Peru-Revenge:Earn the respect of several countries and show all the level that the Peruvian team has.


6.   How do you feel about players from different countries that calling you the "biggest dark horse"?

Peru-Solduri:Happy. I think we surprised some people. We had shown we had the potential before and were able to perform this time.

Peru-ShAdDixX:It is true in the last days we had 10 to 12 hours of practice matches with Brazil and apart from the analysis we did to the opposing team to define the best strategy in compositions and prioritization of objects.

Peru-Poyo:I join them too.

Peru-Revenge:I am very happy that the other players have that idea of us, but now we will no longer be the surprise.


7.   I heard that you often train for more than 10 hours a day to prepare for this tournament, are the rumors true?

Peru-Solduri:We did have a couple of days scrimming vs Brazil like that haha, it certainly helped us considering how good they were.

Peru-ShAdDixX:It is true in the last days we had 10 to 12 hours of practice matches with Brazil and apart from the analysis we did to the opposing team to define the best strategy in compositions and prioritization of objects.

Peru-Revenge:Yes, we had several training days with the Brazilian team and it served a lot to reach the semifinal (Brazil) and the final (Peru).


8.   Which opponents have impressed you in this competition?

Peru-Solduri: I think Japan's early game scouting/positioning was one of the scariest things I've played against. Also China's ability to be so consistent while playing different compositions was surprising.

Peru-ShAdDixX:In my case, I was impressed by the level shown by Japan and how clear they had their style of play, it was one of the games that I felt would be the hardest for us to overcome. Then it was China that we couldn't have the opportunity to have a practice match with them and we only watched their previous matches, in the end they surprised us a bit with how often their players rotated in the final.

Peru-Revenge:All the countries in the tournament were very strong, but I think Japan and China did very well.


9.   Are you satisfied with the performance and achievements of your team in this competition?

Peru-Solduri:Yes, I think we prepared a lot and getting 2nd place in a tournament like this was a big achievement.

Peru-ShAdDixX:The entire team was very satisfied with 10 points both on and off the court, contributing their perspective and suggestions without intervening in the style of each player, one hundred that all the effort and commitment of the team gave a great result.

Peru-Poyo:Yes, quite satisfied.

Peru-Revenge:Yes, I think the team played very well and that's why we reached the final.


10. Are you satisfied with your performance in this tournament?

Peru-Solduri:Yes, overall I think I played well and helped my team achieve the 2nd place. A few mistakes I could improve on but still happy about the tournament.

Peru-ShAdDixX:At 80% I feel that I could have done much more in the final games, which are decisions that are made in the moment and well maybe having the distraction that we could not play at the same speed as normal due to the ping at the time was a little frustrating having to go to another rhythm to avoid blacklisting pieces in the rolls or not putting together the whole composition in a transition that requires moving many pieces of the board.


Peru-Revenge:I played the best I could and contributed to the team what I had to contribute


11. What are your expectations for the second Community World Cup, which is expected to be held in May?

Peru-Solduri:I expect it to be bigger and have better prizes! We will prepare just as much and I think other teams will practice and not underestimate us as much, so it will be harder.

Peru-ShAdDixX:Give everything to continue training to be at the best possible level and take the championship.

Peru-Poyo:Best prize pool distribution

Peru-Revenge:Maybe more countries are competing and have Uper Brackets and Lower Brackets.


12. Is there anything you would like to say to other teams or to one player or spectator?

Peru-Solduri:To the other teams to get prepared because next tournament will be even more competitive. To the spectators just thanks for the support for us and for the tournament, hopefully we will bring the bigger prize next time.

Peru-ShAdDixX:To the spectators who continue to support the team that represents their country, to download and give the game a chance so that in the narratives they understand what is happening in each phase and thus enjoy the AutoChess in the best way. And if you want to learn more, there is a very healthy community behind supporting all players, as well as platforms such as Pocket Autochess to see the historical compositions and other statistics that will surely interest you.

Peru-Poyo:Keep supporting the community.

Peru-Revenge:Most want to represent their country, if they set their mind to it, they will succeed, all based on effort and dedication.