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New Auto Chess Training Camp, Learn the Game Quick And Fun

Auto Chess 2021-03-19

In the coming version, we are going to release a brand new game mode.: Training Camp! In this mode, players will learn the game rules and mechanisms via various game missions and levels. This mode will be a new place for players to understand the rules with fun! We also prepared lots of EXP and Candies in this mode to help you start a new journey in Auto Chess.




Auto Chess Training Camp contains a bunch of new tutorial levels. There are four main sections here: Basic Rules, Chess Piece, Synergy, and Item. You don't need to read a long rule before beginning the level. A short introduction with a few words will bring you into the game quickly. Understand the rules, complete the missions, and earn the reward. It's just this simple!


There will be a little introduction about a mechanism before each level.


After reading the rule, players will face a small challenge. Finish it to receive the rewards! Try to get all the stars!


For some parts that hard to master, there will be also some more detailed graphic explanation.


We also invited the developer to answer the questions you might be interested in:


Q: Is there any difference between this new Training Camp and the former tutorial?

A: The tutorial will introduce the basic game rules to players, while Training Camp will show it more vividly. Our purpose is to make players understand the rules and features quickly and accurately.


Q: There are many kinds of synergies and items in Auto Chess, will all of them show in the Training Camp?

A: Besides the basic rules, we only choose some special chess pieces, synergies, and items for this game mode. Especially for the hard-to-understand, but fun and unique parts. We really don't want to see new players missed these features.


Q: Is this a new player only mode? How about the experienced players?

A: Experienced players can also play this mode, getting EXPs and Candies, and maybe will gain some cold knowledge that you didn’t know before~


Q: Do you have a future plan for this mode?

A: We plan to update levels with more fun and challenge, like puzzles, in the future. Please let us know if you have any good ideas!


That's all for today, Auto Chess Training Camp will be released in the new version very soon. Don't forget to have a try~


Oh, let me leave a small question here. Guess what's the mission for this level?