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The Global Final and Championship Adjustment

Auto Chess 2021-02-06

In 2021, the Auto Chess In-game Championship will have 3 contests: Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

The Spring contest will start on Feb. 15

The Summer contest & Autumn contest start time will be announced in the future.

2021 Global Championship Final

We will hold the Global Final at the end of 2021. There will be 64 players competing in the finals.

Qualifications for the 2021 Global Final

1.2021 In-game Championship (Spring, Summer, and Autumn) champions from each division will be directly invited to the Grand Championship Finals, 15 players in total. If a champion has already been qualified, then the current second-place will be qualified, and so on.

2.From S10 to S13 (including S10 & S13), the Rank Top 1 players from each season will be directly invited to the Global Final, 4 players in total. If the Top1 player has already been qualified, then the current second-place will be qualified, and so on.

3.Other qualifiers will be selected via other official matches this year. Please pay attention to the subsequent official announcements.

4.If the players selected by the above methods are unable to participate due to some circumstances, the official team will invite other players to make up the competition through a special invitation.

5.The overall results of the annual championships and the rankings of the S10-S13 seasons will be used as important reference factors for the special invitation. Therefore, please try the best to improve rankings in each championship and season, and there will be a great chance to enter the Global Finals at the end of the year

Good luck to you all! See you at the Global Final!

Auto Chess Competition Operation Team