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[Dev Log] Chess Club Insight

Auto Chess 2021-01-25

In the coming version, we are going to launch our brand new system——Chess Club. This is a new function designed to bring better social experiences. Players can create a real organization in game with friends and teammates. Now please allow me to introduce our ideas about this new system.


1.Why do we make the Chess Club?

Communication between players is a very important part of a competitive game. No matter in the 2V2V2V2 or 4V4 team fight mode we are now developing, or the groups among players, we found "team" is always a significant part. So now we'd like to make it more visible, and that's why we made the Chess Club.


2.How to create or join a Chess Club?

Every player can choose to create or join a Chess Club. If you'd like to be an owner of a chess club, you need to pay 2000 candies as a creation fee. Also, if you prefer to join another player's club, you can simply choose one to apply to.


①The names of Chess Club can not be duplicated, so create fast if you have a favored name! First come, first get!

②The maximum number of players is 16 for a Chess Club at the moment. Consider carefully before joining a club!



Every Chess Club has its own chat channel, and it's only visible for club members. Besides, there is a Club Log function in clubs. It will record the big news of the members! For example, if you get a rare item via Chess Pass, the Club Log will share this news with other members!


3.What will be the future plan?

This is just beginning. We will keep updating this system in the future.

Our current plan is the upcoming "Activity System". Players can collect Activity Points by playing games. The points can then be exchanged into rewards!

In addition, the Chess Clubs with more Activity Points can register the "Chess Club Battle", and competing with other clubs. The winner will win abundant prizes!

There will be exclusive rewards for Chess Club only!


Please tell us any good ideas or expectations about this new system. We are looking forward to that!