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[Dev Log] New class: Martialist

Auto Chess 2021-01-14

Martialist Synergy

Class: Martialist (1) When an allied Martialist is attacked, 30% of the non-pure damage received will be turned into pure damage and be equally shared by all allies of the same race as this Martialist. (The shared damage will not lead to death.) 

The origin of Martialist

Martialist is an ancient class from pandaman. It started with the special magic talent of this race.

As we know, the Rune continent is a place full of magic power. It is said that every race can build their own connection with magic. But the magic talents within pandamem are unique. The magic inside them is very restrained, and they can't build a magic system like other races.

Later, some pandamen found that martial art will help them to wake up their sleeping magic power. Then Martialist happened there. They can lead the magic inside revolving in the body, then burst it out as "Qi". Thus, pandaman started to take a seat in the magic world.

The power of Martialist

The synergy of Martialist is a typical application of "Qi". The martialists can use "Qi" to disperse magic and physical damage. Though the damage will not disappear, it can be shared with partners to avoid lethality.

To be a Martialist

In fact, most pandamen learned martial art more or less. And how to guide the "Qi" inside is the basic of being a pandaman warrior.

Back to the game, Haven Brew Qin Lang is the one who concentrates on the way of martial art. Thus, he is a great martialist now.

To Lei Rong, Thunder Trace and Di Wei, Ember Blade, they changed the way after being able to manage "Qi". Lei Rong put more effort into the magic side which made him more like a mage when Di Wei put "Qi" on his twin blades which made him a great assassin.

That's all for today, and more Martialists are coming in the future!