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New Version Analysis from @8417momo

@8417momo 2020-12-25

Auto Chess's latest update brought us a new piece Cannon Granny and some balance adjustments. How will this affect the meta? Let's take a look with @8417momo!

■New piece: Cannon Granny

She is super powerful with the Holy spirit lance. If you are looking for more survival time and better DPS space for her, 6 Goblins would be a good choice.

Cannon Granny could also be a carry in 9 mages lineup. AoE skills from 9 mages will decrease enemies' Hp a lot, and this lady will then reap them all.

As a 5-cost piece, her utility and high DPS makes her a good choice under different circumstances.

■Tusk Champion Buff

Tusk Champion - Arctic Punch

Ability damage: 300%/350%/400% → 300%/400%/600%

CD time (second): 10/10/10 → 7/7/7

It looks like this buff makes Tusk a better carry, but it's not.

Before this update, Tusk was a necessary piece for 9 warriors and 6 beasts lineups. And he is an early-game fighter in those lineups, not a late-game carry. Looking back to this change, it mainly buffed 2&3 star Tusk's damage. So I think this won't impact meta a lot.

■Frostblaze Dragon Buff

Frostblaze Dragon - Icebound Wall

Ability damage: 200/300/400 → 250/400/600

It's not a big buff, but since 6 egersis has been nerfed heavily, there might be a chance for 5 dragons to rise again. What I'm sure is when 5 dragons become competitive again, Frostblaze would definitely be a decent choice. (Though we haven't seen 5 dragons for some time)

■Dragon Knight Nerf

Dragon Knight - Resonance

Reduced cleave range of the base attacks after transforming into Dragon

That's a real big nerf!

Reduce the cleave range from 2.5 to 2 will decrease his DPS a lot. As the main carry of 6 egersis, this will negatively affect this lineup.

Synergy Nerfs

-Cave Clan (4):

Bonus HP: 450 → 400

Not a big deal for divinity water shaman.

-Egersis (6):

Ally surviving time (second): 4 → 3.5

This with the dragon knight nerf will make 6 egersis much weaker, but I think it's still playable.

-Mage (9):

Magic Resistance reduction: 140% → 135%

Looks like a nerf, but if you notice the items changes, you'll realize that the 9 mages lineup is even more competitive now.

■T1 lineups in meta

  • Divinity water shaman (4 divinity+4 shaman+4 cave clan)

One of the best lineups for this version. Safe choice.

  • Kira insectoid is still good.

9 mages and 6 beasts are also decent, but divinity water shaman should always be the first choice.

■Divinity water shaman

All you need is this guy~

Just keep buying every Water Spirit you meet!

●Item choice

Just throw all your items to the water spirit! Especially Pulse Staff!

Reasons pulse staff is better than teleport dagger:

-More lineups are choosing soul devourer, and teleport dagger will affect the first skill cast of water spirit.

-Teleport dagger is easy to counter by taboo witcher.

-The magicka staff buff makes pulse staff deal more damage.

Necessary items for water spirit:

Pulse staff (Origin wand), Holy spirit lance, Voodoo staff, Orb of refresh, Claw wand, and Monkey king cane.


Round 1-15

Do not buy EXP to level up, save your money till 50.

When you have more than 50 gold, use exceeded money to refresh the store (There's a high chance of getting 2 gold pieces at level 5) until you have a 2-star water spirit.

*Make sure you understand the action rule of creeps on round 10&15 and do not lose there.

Round 16-21

A strong period of divinity water shaman. Level up to 8 and search for more water spirit.

Watch your round interest, keep your win streak and strengthen your lineup.

Make your lineup complete on level 8 with a 2-star water spirit.

After round 21

Here comes the difficult part, watch carefully~

Priority: star-up your water spirit to 3-star. Then try to make other pieces to 3-star, and keep your gold around 50. Use interests to refresh the store. Buy exp to level up at the right time.

If you only have a 3-star water spirit, it will get countered by doom arbiter easily.

*Doom curse has a high probability to be applied to the most expensive piece.

So you need to get level 9 quickly.

If there are strong mid-game lineups like Kira insectoid or 6 beasts, please put your 4 shamans on. Deploy the scryer if you have.

Your final lineup will be like this!


Divinity water shaman has a strict demand for position. For example, when facing 9 mages, the grand herald needs to copy the skill of tortola elder.

Grand herald could also use to copy other skills such as wave slash or turning tables by changing position.

When 4 shamans are on the board, try to observe your opponent's carry pieces' position, and use your shamans to counter them. This is really important when facing fallen witcher and venomancer in beast or kira insectoid formation.

●So much for now!

Divinity water shaman is not unbeatable, make your decisions carefully or you will be eliminated quickly.

Once you've made your decision to play this lineup, don't change your mind during the game!

This is @8417momo, and you can contact me by:


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