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Worldview Development Story

Auto Chess Official 2020-01-20

Worldview Development Story

With the release of new updates and chess pieces, a new worldview gradually emerges. How did our game design team complete the story behind the pieces and build a completely new world for them? In what form will the new worldview be presented to you? Are there any hidden relationships among the chess pieces? Will there be new chess pieces that enter the storyline?

Let’s explore those ideas.

1. How many stories about chess pieces are included in the new worldview?

The new worldview will give players the opportunity to read the stories about all the chess pieces. Our design team is still developing the main story line, so we don’t want to reveal everything right now. We have some short stories about the new chess pieces Umbra (Digon) and the Frostblaze Dragon (Bayrison), and would like to share a little bit about their background. 


Digon has a deer-like appearance, and people have commonly mistaken for one. In contrast to her meek appearance, she is a powerful and strong-willed Dragon. According to legend, it is said that good fortune arrives wherever Umbra appears.

Frostblaze Dragon

Bayrison has three heads, with each head having their own name. Ice, the calm and noble head, can harness the power of frost magic. His fiery counterpart was Fire, fierce, bold, and narcissistic. The head in the center is called Baba, who became a master of arcane knowledge, and was the first one to awaken. Baba decided to name himself after a mysterious stele he found, with text that described an ancient oriental culture and arcane prophecy. 

2. Is there a hidden relationship among the chess pieces?

All chess pieces have an intertwined and intricate storyline. Their paths are connected and woven together. You might have a few guesses about the relationship between chess pieces their races. We will gradually reveal the hidden lines and relationships between them in the future to satisfy your curiosity.

Since we can't reveal any more information about the relationship between other chess pieces, let's make a few guesses about the relationship between Umbra, who was awakened by the mysterious person at [Dragon's End] and Frostblaze Dragon who was born in a frozen active volcano of [Ngranek]. Let’s read their stories!


Digon, who died in S.A 127 rune years, was awakened in late S.A rune year. She lost her strong and beautiful dragon scale armor, and her smooth skin became exposed. When Digon was revived, the Egersis soul was rekindled, lighting a fire on her head and tail. [Dragon’s End] was rigorously guarded, and countless grave robbers were wounded without accomplishing anything.

Who could successfully enter [Dragon’s End] and awaken Umbra from her endless sleep? And what kind of vow did Umbra make when she was woken up?

Frostblaze Dragon

Bayrison was born in the inaccessible frozen active volcano of Ngranek, where there were various ancient ruins scattered everywhere, and there was a giant statue carved into the mountain. Bayrison studied these ancient symbols and unlocked secrets of arcane knowledge from them. Soon, he became one of the best Warlocks on the Rune planet. As the only Dragon in Ngranek, Bayrison declared himself “King of Ngranek” and proudly believed his mission was to protect these “weak people”. He harnessed the magic of the Icebound Wall to save his people when the volcano erupted, however, the creatures here didn’t understand the Dragon’s language. And Bayrison didn’t care; he had three heads to talk to each other after all. Bayrison’s life took a turn when he understood the prophecy foretold on the solid rock in Ngranek. He predicted the coming of the Doomsday. Bayrison knew that his power was not enough, and he needed some assistance. 

Do you see any clues from Umbra and Frostblaze Dragon’s stories? What kind of connection could they have?

3. Will there be new chess pieces added to the storyline in the future?

Of course, there will be new chess pieces woven into the storyline and all scattered storylines will be pieced together into a fascinating and ambitious worldview.

4. In what order will the new worldview be presented?

New world view will be presented in the form of puzzle + mainline


-All chess pieces will appear in the worldwide with their own story

-There may be item descriptions in the future, which will include a corner of the worldview

-The details from the videos are a fragment of the worldview


-The season Promotion Video is one of the main worldview storylines

-We may create our own novels, comics, etc. to complete the entire worldview in the future

We will present the worldview in various ways to surprise you.

5. What kind of regional landscape will be shown in the new worldview?

The landscape of the new worldview has been constructed completely. Except for the [Limbo], [Living Sand], [Divine Plain], [Ngranek], and [Dragon’s End] involved in the current stories, the landscape of other regions will be revealed later and we will definitely not fail your expectations!