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The Strategy of New Season

Huya丶树精统领 2020-01-17

New Season Strategy

How do some players achieve over 60% Top 3 rates, over 30% win rates, and stay on the top of the leaderboards? Let’s explore some of their strategies!

One of the biggest factors is their lineup. In the current version, there are two main lineups with the highest win rate. Proficiency with using the following two sets will boost your rank. The two sets of lineups are hunters and mages. 

We will go over some general principles about early game opportunities, suggest some lineup options, and propose some late game transitions. Understanding what to look for in the shop during the early game can help you identify the options available.


Three variants of the Hunter lineup include: Warrior Hunter, Glacier Hunter, and 4 Egersis + 6 Hunters. 

Conditions for Setup

Rounds 1-3

Gather Umbra and Egersis Ranger, these hunters have the Egersis synergy

Rounds 4-6

If you have a Dwarf Sniper, the lineup strength should be solid, because it completes the 3 Hunter synergy.*

Rounds 7-13

If you grab Glacier units, you can build Glacier Hunters

If you get another hunter, you can start building 4 Egersis + 6 Hunter Build

If you get warriors, create a Warrior + Hunter Lineup

* If you aren’t given a Dwarf Sniper in Rounds 4-6, the lineup might not be strong enough. You could still lose streak, or even open fort. However, it’s suggested that you give up on building Warrior + Hunters, because setting this up from a loss streak could put you in 8th place. 


Warrior + Hunter players have the ability to push early game leads. This lineup has a high ceiling after Round 31 and has a higher win rate. If you can add Werewolf and Umbra, you can secure early game victories. You will also put pressure on the opponent’s HP, while maintaining a stable economy. During Rounds 21-31, this build falls off, and you are at a disadvantage. Pushing the lead early game should allow you to conserve HP, providing a cushion to allow you to safely transition into a late game build. A player who builds Warrior Hunter should generally maintain at least 80 HP by Round 21.

Fortune Teller can conserve the player’s HP, which ensures the stable development of Glacier Hunter during the early-game to the middle-game stages.

Similar to Glacier Hunter, the 4 Egersis + 6 Hunters is fairly strong during the early game and middle game phase. It’s also a viable lineup from a position of disadvantage. This lineup seems to have no natural direct counter, which makes it very popular in the higher ranks. The only shortcoming of this lineup is that it has limited damage if you can’t pick up a Devastator.


The four variant Mage lineups are 3 Dragons + 6 Mages, 4 Spirit + Mages, Legendary Mages, and 6 Dragon. 

Conditions for Setup

Rounds 1-3

Open with Goblins

Rounds 4-6

Gather pieces like Flamming Wizard, Shining Dragon, Venom, Winter Chiropteran, etc.

Rounds 7-17

 →If you obtain a Dragon Knight during these rounds, build 3 Dragons + 6 Mages.

 →If you can’t find a Dragon Knight after round 17 and there are still many Ogre Mages, then give up on building Dragon Mages, and try for 4 Spirit + Mages instead.

You can achieve the desired lineup by around Round 30. Check the lobby, and assess if assassins, warriors, knights, or goblins will appear in the final battle. If you have a Dark Spirit by this time, make your lineup 4 Spirit + Mage.


The advantage of 3 Dragons + 6 Mages is that it’s pretty strong during mid to late game, and you can stop losing HP when the lineup is completed so it can be built from an unfavorable economic position. However, it might be difficult to secure the victory during the very late game if opponents have magic resistance items or Marine buff.

3 Dragons + 6 Mages can potentially transition into 4 Spirit + Mage after round 31. It can defeat

Assassins and Warriors easily, and increase the probability of securing the win.

Legendary Mages can be an alternative lineup, when 3 Dragons + 6 Mages don’t have a Dragon Knight carry. Give up on the 3-Dragon chess piece synergy, and replace them with Helicopter and Devastator to be the damage dealers. Adding pieces like these make the Mage lineup more flexible and strong during the late game, even without Dragon Knight.

The 6 Dragon (Ability) can be used in the final battle during a matchup against Hunter with 4 Marines. Magical damage is ineffective against Marines, so this is a way you can transition to mixed (physical) damage.

The Recommended Lineup for the Current Patch

During the current patch, 6 Goblins + 4 Warlocks, Mages (with late game transitions), and all Hunter lineups have been performing well.

It’s not recommended to go for Feather lineups and Knight-centered lineups. For people who are high rolling (lucky) during the early game, it’s recommended to build epic warriors, or 6 assassins. If you are not super lucky in the early rounds, try Mage and Hunter lineups.

Conclusion for version 1.0.1: build your lineup according to the chess pieces you receive in the shop. If you high roll, make your build around that. Build Mage and Hunter lineups if you aren’t high rolling.