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Community World Cup Champion Interview——Team China

Auto Chess 2021-03-22

Q:How does it feel to win this World Cup after a long fight?


L: Very excited to win the championship among so many strong teams.


arch: Very happy, especially the final comeback showed us the charm of E-sports.


Yang: I feel great, especially the ups and downs in the final, which made all of us see the beauty of E-sports.


Azu: Very happy.


Know: I’m proud that we can prove Chinese team’s ability!


hua: From the group stage on March 2nd to the end of the final in the early morning of March 13th, after half a month of fierce competitions, there is ease and joy of defeating all the opponents without losing a single round before the final, as well as mixed feelings after experiencing twists and turns of the final. Living up to the expectations of those who have always trusted and supported us, I feel very happy and proud!


Q: What is the difference between this world-class event that brings together the world's top Auto Chess players and other regular events?


L: I can learn a lot more from competing with so many strong teams, and I am honored to be able to compete with so many experts.


arch: When competing with overseas players, you can see different lineups, new styles and positions.


Yang: I feel pretty excited to play against top-tier players from all over the world.


Azu: The world-class event is even more exciting.


Know: The main difference is that this is a team game and you can enjoy the fun of teamwork. Second, it is a very valuable thing for all the top-tier players from all over the world to compete together.

hua: Participating in this kind of world-class event that allows us to know how large the area that the game covers and to see the persistent pursuit of players from all over the world. They are just like us, working hard to improve their skills. Under the same starry sky, opponents are also our teammates!


Q: After entering the final with a "full victory record", with what kind of mentality that you prepared for the decisive battle with the Peruvian team?


L: I watched Peruvian team’s previous game and I appreciated their ability. I wasn’t in good form before the final so I kept practicing and preparing for the game, hoping to contributing more to the team.


arch: Actually "full victory" is not a good thing as it will bring us more pressure, but it didn’t affect me very much and competing against Peru. In fact I was too relaxed and lacked tensions.


Yang: I thought I didn’t need to work overtime, just taking a 3-0 lead over the opponent. I didn’t expect that they were very tenacious and had a very strong team spirit.


Azu: I didn’t prepare much for it, just play as usual.


Know: Although we had an unbeaten streak, we were still very serious about our opponents in the final, and I think we were pretty calm.


hua: Group stage, 1/4 and semi-final, we didn’t lose a single game or work overtime, so we were quite confident about the final. But at the same time, we also reminded each other to take the final seriously and actively prepared for it.


Q: Did the “undefeated record” bring you more incentives or pressure?


L: I just want to win, nothing else matters to me.


arch: For me I think it’s stressful because there is some luck involved in Auto Chess.


Yang: No pressure. All my teammates are very strong after all.


Azu: There was definitely some pressure.


Know: To be honest, the previous record didn’t affect me too much. I just took every game seriously.


hua: I think it brought us motivation. Like our country, our team is trying to show our confidence and positive spirit! We are confident but not arrogant, we are self-strengthening but not domineering. When selecting players for last round of the final, all our teammates were enthusiastic and did not have the slightest fear of failure. This is the charm of self-confidence!


Q: Now looking back at the five fierce battles with the Peru in the finals, what is your most impressive experience?


L: When I got knocked out in the tiebreaker and only got the 7th place, I regretted not taking another point. The situation was very bad. Fortunately, my teammates withstood the pressure, and I was very excited when we won the game.


arch: I was impressed by our opponent’s strong executive ability which we really need.


Yang: The moment we won. It felt really good.


Azu: I didn't expect that we finished the whole five games at 2 am in the morning.


Know: After playing against the Peruvian team, my biggest impression was that our they were a team with strong execution. Every player can sacrifice for team. I didn’t see anyone play exceptionally well but I did see strong team cohesion.


hua: To be honest, we didn't expect to play for 5 games, but it did happen, and that’s the reality. There are always surprises. The most memorable thing for me is that in the fifth match, when two of my teammates only got the 7th and 8th place because of bad luck and we only gained 1 point, we could only win by taking the top two places with 17 points altogether. But our Feathered and Assassin only had 10 HP left, while Peru had four players and each of them had 55 HP. It’s almost impossible to win. At that time, my heart was filled with bitterness. It was like the first half of your life went smoothly, but when you reached your middle age, your life became a mess. I felt frustrated. But that feeling was fleeting. My teammates and I adjusted our attitude quickly and encouraged each other that as long as there is 1% hope, we must pay 100% effort! The result also proved that our choice was right, and we were rewarded for our persistence!


Q: In the fifth game of the finals, after two teammates got knocked out of the game, what was in your mind at that time?


L: Regret for not gaining another point. My teammates had no choice but to strive for the top two places.


arch: At that moment I thought we would lose the game, but after I saw hua and Know’s pieces, I knew there was still hope for us, so I just cheered for them silently in my mind, haha.


Yang: I didn't think too much. I just wanted to be the first. Before I lose, I just want to win.


Azu: Nothing actually. I knew there was a chance, but very small.


Know: I quickly checked hua’s and the remaining opponents' situation. He could still resist but I had to adjust my positions to make some room for hua’s mistakes.


Q: What do you think of the Peruvian team?


L: A very strong, hard-working, united and respectable team.


arch: The whole team is very strong but individual players need to improve. Now they are training much harder than us, so we must take them seriously.


Yang: Their personal strength may not be enough but the whole team is very strong.


Azu: They have excellent team work and execution.


Know: Like they said.


hua: We were surprised that they defeated Japan and Russia and reached the finals, which made them a real dark horse. At first we thought that they were just lucky, but after playing against them, we found out that they were very disciplined, with very advanced tactics and strong execution. They are a strong team and a worthy opponent!


Q: What was your most memorable moment during this community world cup?


L: The last game. We were in disadvantage but I was deeply impressed by my teammates’ spirit of persistence.


arch: Definitely the comeback in the last game. I didn't play, but watching the game still made me very nervous, haha.


Yang: Winning the championship.


Azu: I didn't expect that the Vietnamese team failed to qualify.


Know: In the face of extremely adverse situation during the last game, hua and I resisted pressure and successfully turned things around.


hua: It must be the fifth game of the finals. We uploaded a video on DouYu, TV bilibili and TikTok, because it was a magnificent turnaround. When we knocked out the last member of Peruvian team, my teammates and I were all cheering and screaming and we saw all the spectators’ encouraging words. That’s a big moment for us!


Q: Are there any teams or players really impressed you in this tournament?


L: A player’s spirit and assassin in the fifth game of the finals. As a formidable opponent, he made a huge contribution to his team.


arch: The Peruvian team is definitely a dark horse. I heard that they spent 10 hours training every day. They are a team with strong execution and explicit strategic target. We should learn from them.


Yang: Peru.


Azu: Definitely the Peruvian team. They paid great attention to team’s coordination, even when they built a 3-star legion. They had a good balance between teamwork and personal strength.


Know: The Peruvian team.


hua: All the teams were very strong and there was no best nor weak team. The key player in Russian team, Ruoi in Vietnamese team, and the whole Peruvian team, they all impressed me. The first two players I mentioned played a leading role in many games, and the tenacious Peruvian team all made me realize that we need to work harder!


Q: What is the biggest reward that you gained from this tournament?


L: A narrow victory in the finals. But I don’t want to have this experience again. I will become stronger


arch: Never give up and fight to the end!


Yang: Each of us is very strong but the team execution can be improved.


Azu: We had a clearer picture of team competition.


Know: It is very important to keep calm under pressure in the face of adversity.


hua: The biggest reward for me is to fight alongside my teammates to the last minute, to share the glory of championship with our fans who have always supported, trusted and encouraged us, and to defend China's strong position in Auto Chess!


Q: How would you comment on your performance in this tournament?


L: I didn’t played well in the fifth game of the finals.


arch: So-so, no superb play, just won with no merit and no fault.


Yang: Normal level.


Azu: So-so.


Know: I think it's okay, a solid performance.


hua: This question is difficult to answer. The achievements and honors are inseparable from the team's efforts. From TGA finals to the Asia Invitational to this Community World Cup, we are born to be big players. We can stand up to great pressure and prove we are trustworthy! Let’s march toward the second Community World Cup in May and the global championships at the end of the year!


Q: Is there anything you would like to say to other teams, players or spectators?


L: I want to thank the Peruvian team for teaching me a lot and I also want to thank spectators for their support and encouragement.


arch: I want to tell the Japanese and Vietnamese team that they are really strong. I felt that they didn't give their best during the game. I look forward a showdown with them next time!


Yang: I want to say to the spectators, CN is awesome!


Azu: Thank you for supporting us.


Know: I’d like to say thank you to all the spectators. I appreciate their support. I hope they can keep loving Auto Chess and enjoy the fun that the game has brought to all of us.


hua: First of all, I want to thank the organizer of the event. The honorary title of this event is a reward and recognition for our efforts that we paid to improve our skills. The bonus is can help us in real life. I hope Auto Chess can get better and better, and more and more players from different counties will join the game!

Second, I want to thank my teammates. We had fought together for more than half a month. They are all excellent! arch is our mastermind, L, our first string, Yang, the leading player, Azu always comes up with some new ideas, and Know is always ready to sacrifice for the sake of others. I wish everyone a better future in game live, and gain more achievements!

Third, I’d like to thank our fans who have been supporting and trusting us all the time. It is your support that allows us to improve our skills without distraction. It is your understanding that allows us to lay down all our burdens and march along bravely. Sometimes we always wonder how lucky we are that we can have your love and support. It is for this reason that we cannot afford to slack off in the slightest if we are to live up your trust and expectations. We will play each game seriously in return. Nothing can separate us!