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[Experimental] Try New Chess Piece, Earn Massive Rewards!

Auto Chess 2021-07-09

Experimental Download Link (Android):

Patch Note:

[New Chess Piece]

New Chess Piece

1.Gem Artisan

Quality: Rare

Race: Civet

Class: Mech

Ability-Gemstone Wave: Uses gemstone to teleport Gem Artisan (including itself and all pieces of the same name) to somewhere near a random enemy unit, dealing 100/150/200 pure damage to nearby enemies within 1 grid for every Gem Artisan that reaches the area.

CD: 9s/7s/5s

New Race


Race effect: Creates a duplicate when a Civet piece ranks up to 3 stars.

When battle starts each round, if two identical pieces exist on the board, summons a Golem copy with 100% damage ability for each couple of identical pieces.


1.New Workshop map - 2V2 Lite

Simpler operation, share the HP, enjoy it now!

2.New Training Camp levels - Horn synergy tutorial

Master the Horn race synergy easily and fun.

3.New Biography updated

Chess piece Biography updated!


Normal: Taboo Witcher

Uncommon: Dwarf Sniper, Hell Knight, Lightblade Knight, Whisper Seer

Rare: Fallen Witcher, Warpwood Sage, Poisonous Worm, Jade General

Epic: Siren, Pirate Captain, Spider Queen, Thorn Predator

Legendary: Space Walker, Helicopter, Cannon Granny, Rogue Guard, Phantom Queen, The Scryer, God of Thunder

4.Added sound effects for chess piece Summons and Transformation in the Illustration.

5.Added a button to check player's Chess Club info in the chat channel. (Mob

6.Added chess piece sale price display in-game. (PS


Fixed a display issue when activating the highest synergy by Wizard (4) synergy.


1.Optimized the match-making mechanism on higher ranks. Reduce the probability that Queen players match Rook players in a game.

2.Optimized the rules for team-up in single-player Rank mode. Queen players can only team up with the King and Queen players now.

3.Optimized the ability logic for some chess pieces. If there's no target within the ability range, chess piece won't cast the ability.

4.Optimized the Drodo Fortune display in Daily Check-in.

5.Optimized the Medal display. Medal animation will be automatically played when joining a team.

6.Optimized the fragments display in Fragment Store. Click the corresponding icon to view the exact number of fragments you own. (Mob

7.Optimized the overall design of the interface at the end of rounds. (Mob

8.Optimized the Chess Club page and operation. Added Chess Club rules explanation.

9.Optimized the illustration and corresponding Avatar for some pieces.

10.Optimized item recommendation for new pieces. Recommended items for new chess pieces will base on the current chess piece data. (Mob

11.Optimized Starred Lineup interface, players can now share lineups in Chess Club chat channel. (Mob

Auto Chess Operation Team