MAINTENANCE on December 07

AUTO CHESS 2022-12-07

Dear Players, 

Auto Chess will disable the Matchmaking system at 21:00 on 2022-12-07 (UTC). And will be under maintenance at 22:00 on 2022-12-07 (UTC) for approximately 4 hours. You won’t be able to log into the game during this period. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

[New Piece]

Soul Blade

Race:Soul Clan


Quality: Legendary

Soul Imprison

Passive: At the beginning of the battle, the Soul Blade has 2/4/6 Soul Marks, and each time releasing an active ability gains 3 Soul Marks. Each base attack will consume 1 Soul Marks.

Active: The Soul Blade leaves an Astral Body in the original grid and teleports to the farthest grid where an enemy is touchable.

Soul Mark: Inflicts additional fixed physical damage equal to the piece's ATK 100% * the current number of Soul Marks.

Astral Body: Cannot attack or move, inherits 100% stats of the piece, receives 100% damage. The Astral Body taunts enemies within 1 grids for 2.5 seconds. If the Astral Body does not die after the duration ends, it will consume 50% of the remaining HP to restore HP of the ally Soul Clan piece with the lowest current HP on the board.



During 3/4/5 seconds, any enemy units in 4/6/7 → 4/5/6 radius looking at Siren will have their attack speed slowed by 20%/20%20% → 20%/30%/40%. If 2 seconds of the total time is accumulated looking at Siren, that piece will be petrified for 2/3/4 seconds.

Pierces ability immunity.

Petrify: unable to attack, move or cast abilities, suffers +20%/20%/20% → 20%/30%40% physical damage when attacked

2. Ember Blade

Attacks all enemy units in the target area, then returns to his starting location. Deals 75/150/400 → /50/100/200 bonus physical damage each time. Resets the ability CD time immediately when killing an enemy unit.

3. Thunder Trace

The piece becomes unselectable, moves to the enemy farthest away, and deals magical damage to enemies in the path, each grid increasing magical damage by 50/75/125 → 60/90/150, with a minimum of 50/75/125 → 60/90/150 magical damage. Killing an enemy resets the cooldown of this ability.

4. Light Spirit

Passive: After 2 base attacks, the next base attack will petrify the target for 1s.

Passive: When enemies are under the control effects, use Light Armor to launch two more attacks on the target, each dealing 200/300/500 → 150/300/600 pure damage (CD: 5→8s)

The control effects include Silence, Stun, Disarm, Petrify, Taunt, Knock-up.

Pierces ability immunity

[New Synergy]

Soul Clan[2]

Turns 2 grids on the Chessboard into Soul Springs.

Soul Spring: Pieces placed on the Soul Spring before the battle can get the HP bonus equal to 18% of the total max HP of the Soul Clan pieces on the board, and the ATK bonus equal to 18% of the total ATK of the Soul Clan pieces on the board. (When a Soul Clan piece dies, the corresponding bonus will become invalid.)

[Chess Pool]

1. Piece Returned - Nightmare(original Egersis Prophet),

Race & Class: Soul Clan & Warlock

Quality: Rare

Ability: Within 5 seconds, summons 1 Orb every 0.2 second that deals 30/65/115 Physical Damage to an enemy, gets HP restoration equal to 25% of total damages dealt by the Orbs.

[Chess Pool Change]

Common: Tusk Champion will be added into Extended Chess Pool; Taboo Witcher will be added into Public Chess Pool.

Rare: Berserker will be added into Extended Chess Pool; Nightmare will be added into Public Chess Pool.

Legendary: Dark Spirit, Frostblaze Dragon will be added into Extended Chess Pool; Rogue Guard, Soul Blade will be added into Public Chess Pool.


1. New Casual(Solo) gameplay - Rune Prophecy. Players can select quests in the game and get boutiful rewards by finishing different quests.

2. New item Insurance Card. Using it after entering a game, can avoid losing points for the game.

3. When reaching Queen at the end of the season, players will obtain Queen Medal. The MMR points will be shown in stars.


1. Optimized the sound effect of chest interface

2. Optimized some art effect

3. [Back] button is added in tutorial. Tap to exit battle.

4. [Skip] button is added when obtaining items in Chess Pass.

5. Optimized the Inventory interface and some functions.


1. Fixed some abnormal displays.

[Chess Pass]

1. S20 Chess Pass will start on 12 December 2022 and end on 12 March 2023.

Above is the main content of this update. If you have any questions, please contact customer service ([Home Page]-[upper right Menu]-[Support]). Thank you for your support.

Auto Chess Operation Team