Auto Chess 2022-06-19

Dear Players,

Auto Chess will disable the Matchmaking system at 15:00 on 2022-6-19 (UTC). And will be under maintenance at 16:00 on 2022-6-19 (UTC) for approximately 4 hours. You won’t be able to log into the game during this period. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

Patch Notes:

[New Chess Piece]

Otter Hunter

Race: Beast

Class: Hunter

Quality: Rare

Ability Name: Delicious Shell

Passive: After the battle begins, any ally has a 50%/60%/80% chance to gain the "Delicious Shell" state for 5s when they are born.

Active: Gives random 1/2/3 allies "Delicious Shell" to eat (this effect will give priority to allies that have not eaten "Delicious Shells").

Delicious Shell: When attacking, the enemy unit will get stackable Vulnerability effect, and when the Vulnerability accumulates to 10 stacks, the target's recovery effect is additionally reduced by 50%.

[Chess Piece]

[Razorclaw Ability Adjustment]

Previous Ability Effect:

Summons a spirit bear with an Entangling Claw ability. Entangling Claw: Have a 20% chance to entangle an enemy unit for 3 seconds.

After Adjustment:

Passive: Summons the Claw Beast at the beginning of the battle. The Claw Beast has 1600/2000/2400 HP, 175/275/375 ATK, and its base attack has a 20% chance to entangles enemies for 3 seconds.

Active: Recovers HP of self and the Claw Beast by 300/600/900.

[Temporarily Removed Chess Piece]

Tusk Champion

[Quality Adjustments]

Werewolf: Rare → Uncommon (3 Gold → 2 Gold)

Heaven Brew: Uncommon → Common (2 Gold → 1 Gold)

[New Season]

S18 will start at 16:00:00, June 19 (UTC).

[Chess Pass]

1. S17 Chess Pass will end at 15:59:59, June 19 (UTC).

2. S18 Chess Pass will start at 16:00:00, June 19 (UTC).

3. New Maximum Level of S18 Senior Chess Pass.

4. New Chess Pass Plan interface.

5. New S18 Chess Skin: Dimension-Gardenerie(Get at Senior Chess Pass LV.100)

6. New S18 Chessboard: Holiday Dream(Get at Senior Chess Pass LV.80)

7. New S18 Senior Chess Chest: Seawind Magic Box(unlocked). Start to get at Senior Chess Pass LV.100

[Fantasy Mode - Chaos Arena]


1. Play games under the Causal (Solo) mode rules.

2. Get Fate Badges in the previous round of each creep round from the 9th round.

3. Pieces equipped with Fate Badges will get extra Race or Class synergies.


1. New Functions

[Identify]: Some decoration items acquired via opening the untradable chests can obtain a "Signature ID", a "Battle Loss Stats", and other tradable features, and are available for trading after being identified. At the same time, it's possible for these decoration items to obtain a "Seal" after being identified.

[Smelt]: You can Smelt several items with the same low Smelt Tier into one random item with a high Smelt Tier.

2. New Tradable Attributes

[Battle Loss]: The Battle Loss will only change the display effects of the items. The Stats of the Battle Loss will be carved in stone, and the combat won't affect the Battle Loss Stats.

[Seal]: There are two types of the Seal: one is a Generic Seal for chess pieces, chessboards, and chess players; another one is an Exclusive Seal for chess pieces only. Deploy chess pieces, chess players, and chessboard that has been equipped with Seals to record their specific combat statistics on the Seals.

[Signiture ID]: A unique series of number after being identified. The type number of the same item will not be repeated.

3. New Currency: Biscuit

4. New Tradable Chest: 2022 Pool Party Treasure (can only be obtained through events).

5. New Items in Store: Seal Stone, Identify Ticket, Arcane Magic Box.

6. New Senior Pass: Annual Pass

[Other Optimizations]

1. Store interface optimization.

2. Skin configuration optimization.

3. Synergy description optimization.

4. In-game damage stats interface redesign.

5. Chess Pass interface redesign.

6. New animation when opening chests.


We've optimized more functions, and remember to give them a shot after update.

Above is the main content of this update. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service ([Home Page]-[upper right Menu]-[Support]). Thank you for your support.

Auto Chess Operation Team