AUTO CHESS 2022-02-09

Dear Players, 

Auto Chess will disable the Matchmaking system at 21:00 on 2022-2-9 (UTC). And will be under maintenance at 22:00 on 2022-2-9 (UTC) for approximately 3 hours. You won’t be able to log into the game during this period. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

Patch Notes:

[New Chess Piece]

Bad Omen - Dutch Iron

Quality: Legendary

Race: Cave Clan

Class: Prophet (After starting the battle, there will be 16 grids on the chessboard undergoing catastrophe, and the pieces staying on or passing these grids receive 150 pure damage per second.)

Skill: Catastrophe·Descending

Skill Effect: 

Summon 1/2/3 Lava Demons, which exist for 8 seconds, dealing 150 pure damage to enemies within 2 grids and stunning them for 1 second. If enemies die during Lava Demon's presence, there is 10% chance to summon 1 more Lava Demons. The Lava Demon has Scorch and Lava Fist skills. 

○Scorch: Deals 30 magical damage to enemies within 2 grids per second. 

○Lava Fist: Deals extra 50 pure damage to enemy units around 1 grid of the target when attacking.


[Chess Piece]

1. Turtola Elder

Skill (Kamehameha): Charges for at most 2seconds then release a pulsing wave, dealing at most 300/500/800→300/450/750 magical damage to enemy units in its path.

2. Dualplot

Skill (Candle Shades): When [Chi] accumulates to a certain number of stacks, [Candle Shades] can continue with subsequent moves. 4/8→3/6 stacks of [Chi] required to cast the subsquent skills.

[Synergy Adjustments]

1. Glacier (5)

Synergy:All allied chess pieces' ATK Speed increased by 40%; Each attack grants them 8% Attack Speed bonus, up to 12 → 10 stacks.

2. Hunter (6)(9)


Hunter (6): All allied hunters' ATK increased by 85→90.

Hunter (9): All allied hunters' ATK increased by 165→180. When attack, all allies have 50%→60% chance to knock away the target.

3. Knight (6)

Synergy: All allied Knights gain a 100% chance at the beginning of each battle and then 65%→70% chance to obtain a damage-reducing shield.

[Items Adjustments]

1. Kira's Wrath

Item Effect: The carrier gains an additional Kira Synergy, which increases ATK by 60→50, ATK Speed by 35% and 650 HP. The carrier receives pure damage equal to 3% of max HP per second. (This effect will not lead to death.)

2. Bloody Club

Item Effect: The carrier's ATK increased by 40 and Base Attack Lifesteal increased by 15%. The carrier gets 1% Base Attack Lifesteal for every 3%→2% HP lost.


1. Fixes an issue whereby some chess pieces' synergy were displayed abnormally under some special conditions.

2. Fixes an issue whereby some chess players' decoration were displayed abnormally under some conditions.

3. Fixes an issue whereby the settlement page of the Novice Tutorial was displayed abnormally.

4. Fixes an issue whereby the synergy might be abnormal in the Duo Mode under some conditions. 

5. Fixes an issue whereby the home page was displayed abnormally when the players were supposed to returen to the home page after tapping the "Return" buttons on some pages.

6. Fixes an issue whereby the art resources of Whisper Seer were displayed abnormally on some chessboards.


1. Optimizes the logic of filtering the lineups.

2. Optimizes the art performance of some in-game resources.

Above is the main content of this update. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service: [Home Page] - [Upper right Menu] - [Support]) . Thank you for your understanding. 

Auto Chess Operation Team