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Auto Chess 2021-12-01

Dear players,

There will be an online update at 01:30 on December 2, 2021 (UTC) for roughly 30 minutes. Please restart the game after the update.

Patch Notes:



1. Feathered (6)

Effect: All allied Feathered have a 50% → 55% chance and other Allies have a 30% → 35% chance to evade attacks

2. Shaman (4)

Effect: All allied Shamans turn into a random piece which costs +1 (40%→80%) or +2 (60%→20%)

3. Mage (9)

Effect: Freeze duration is (actual magical damage/400) seconds → (actual magical damage/350) seconds

Chess Piece

1. Swordman

Blade Fury: Deals 80/160/240 → 70/140/210 Magical Damage per second

2. Fallen Witcher

Metamorphism: Increases attack speed: 40%/65%/90% → 50%/75%/100%

3. Thunder Spirit

Lightning Nova: Minimum damage 50/50/50 → 50/75/100

4. Redfox Swordsman

Foxriken: Additional physical damage 30/40/50 → 15/20/30


1. Shadow Edge

Unique Passive: When dealing melee attacks, deals pure damage to enemies within 4 grids around the target (not including diagonal)

2. Mania

Increases ATK Speed by 20% → 30%

When the ATK Speed buff is stacked, the duration of all layers will be reset


1. Fixed the issue that the HP attribute of Dragon Lance was not working correctly

2. Fixed the occasional failure to complete quests of Item stage in Training Camp

3. Fixed the issue that the interest of the previous round was displayed on [Anticipate Income]

4. Fixed the issue that the old icon of some items were still displayed

5. Fixed the issue that the pictures of Solo and Duo mode were different on mobile and PC

6. Fixed the issue that battle chat records were not cleared in time

7. Fixed the abnormal effects of Swordman’s ability

8. Fixed an issue where the model of the chess piece skin "Doom Duke" of Doom Arbiter in the spectator was incorrect


1. Optimized the animation effects when players receive multiple chests

Above is the main content of this update. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service. Thank you for your understanding.

Auto Chess Operation Team