Copyright Infringement Notice to Crypto Card

Auto Chess 2021-11-16

Recently, Dragonest Co.Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dragonest") has discovered copyright infringements by an organization in its project Crypto Card, including unauthorized use of art resources of Dragonest's product Auto Chess, such as character concept designs, role models and chessboards, and false advertising in the name of Auto Chess. In order to safeguard legitimate rights and interests of Dragonest and users, Dragonest hereby makes the following statement regarding the copyright infringement:


Auto Chess is a world-renowned original competitive game independently developed and published by Dragonest. Dragonest has designed all the art resources in the game (including but not limited to the character concept design, role model, action effects, etc.), holding intellectual property rights to the product.


Dragonest has no partnership with the Crypto Card project. The claim on its website that "Crypto Card is an innovative game through secondary development on the open platform of Auto Chess" is not true. The project has never been authorized by Dragonest. Its unauthorized use of Dragonest's art resources, false publicity in the name of Dragonest's product and sale of NFT have constituted serious infringement.


Dragonest warns the related organization to stop the infringement immediately. Dragonest is collecting evidence and will resort to legal measures to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.


We remind the Auto Chess players and unwitting users not to participate in the Crypto Card project or make any purchase in the project, otherwise you will have to take responsibility for all the consequences by yourself. Please be wary of being deceived. Meanwhile, please note that the participation in the Crypto Card project or the acquisition and use of content from Dragonest’s product through Crypto Card may constitute copyright infringement. Dragonest reserves the right to pursue the legal liabilities of relevant parties through legal means.


Dragonest Co.Ltd.

Nov 16, 2021



(Some screenshots of copyright infringement are attached below)