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Auto Chess 2021-10-08

Dear players, 

Auto Chess was updated online at 1:30 on October 8, 2021. The update time was 30 minutes, and the update is now complete.

Patch Notes:


Chess Piece


Ability (Blade Fury) CD:


Spider Queen

Ability (Weave Web): Weaves a web that lasts 4/6/10→5/7/10 seconds. The enemies on the web cannot move and 40%/60%/100%→50%/70%/100% of their Base attack can be evaded. 

Thorn Predator



Synergy/Race Effect

1. The Greater

Spatial Imprisonment caused by the normal attack will also deal 50 physical damage to enemy units


If an ally is killed by enemies under Egersis effect, it will continue to survive for 4.5→5 seconds. 

3.Cave Clan

Race effect(4): All allies gain +450→400 HP.

Race effect(6): All allies gain +450→400 HP. Ally HP is boosted equal to 1200x the percentage of the chess player’s missing HP


1. Fixed incorrect icon configurations of some Medals

2. Fixed the issue of abnormal display when the points exceed the upper limit in the Big Winner Mode

3. Fixed an issue where the chessboard was displayed abnormally in the Duo mode

4. Fixed the problem that the deleted lineup was not updated in time in the Starred Lineup function

5. Fixed some abnormal prompts and crashes when spectating the game

6. Fixed an issue where the Auto button would occasionally fail

7. Fixed an issue where pieces could occasionally not be sold during the Preparation Phase of the game

8. Fixed the problem that the Distribute Items function is invalid in the two-player mode

9. Fixed an issue where the Heart of Mech accidentally caused the store to fail to refresh in the Duo mode

10. Fixed the problem of abnormal display when switching skins in the Chess Illustration

Above is the main content of this update. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service ([Home Page]-[Upper right Menu]-[Support]). Thank you for your understanding. 

Auto Chess Operation Team