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Auto Chess 2021-08-06

Dear players,

Auto Chess Experimental Server will be under maintenance at 08:00 on August 6 (UTC) for approximately 6 hours. You won’t be able to log into the game during this period. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

Patch note:

[New Chess Piece]

New Chess Piece

1.Cave Prodigy

Quality: Epic

Race: Cave Clan

Class: Priest

Ability-Hero's Back: Summons a unit of the highest cost that has been killed in this round, grants it with 100 initial mana. If it’s a chess piece or a summon, it will have the same star level as Cave Prodigy; if it’s a creep, then it will stay the same.

CD: 12s/12s/12s


Priest (3)

Race effect: When the chess player receives more than 2 damage, blocks 20% of damage for the chess player; when the chess player receives 8 to 14 damage, gets Green Essence x1; when the chess player receives more than 15 damage, gets Red Essence x1.

Red Essence: Your chess player will stay unyielding with 1 HP when receiving a fatal injury. This item will be consumed automatically.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service. Thank you for your understanding.

Auto Chess Operation Team