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Auto Chess 2021-08-04

Dear players,

There will be an online update at 1:30 on August 5, 2021 (UTC) for roughly 30 minutes. Please restart the game after the update.


1.Heaven Bomber

Ability (Tracing Missile): Launches 3 rockets to strike random enemies, each missile deals 175/275/450 → 150/250/450 Magical Damage to the target.

2.Gem Artisan

HP: 650/1300/1950 → 800/1600/2400 

Armor: 5/5/5 → 6/6/6

CD: 9/7/5 → 8/6/4 

3.Fallen Witcher

HP: 700/1400/2800 → 750/1500/3000


Ability (Delayed Action Bomb) CD: 10/10/10 → 12/12/12 


Ability (Call Down) CD: 15/12/9 → 14/12/10 

6.Rogue Guard

Ability (Crazy Dance) new effect: 

Also increases its own ATK which equals to number of allied pieces with Demon synergy*35/45/60.




Race Effect:

(1)(2)(3) invite Pandaman/Piece that has the same race as the chess pieces on battleground: 75%/25% → 80%/20%; (3)50% chance to invite an extra Pandaman: this effect will still invite Pandaman only.


Race Effect:

(9) Evade chance: All allied Feathered have a 50% → 60% chance to evade normal attacks, other Allies have a 30% → 44% chance to evade normal attacks.


1.Fixed an issue where the value of chess pieces on the settlement page of some players was displayed abnormally; 

2.Fixed an issue where some event items were not converted automatically after the event ended; 

3.Fixed some Chess Piece Biography display abnormality; 

4.Fixed some Avatar and Avatar Frame display abnormality; 

5.Fixed an issue where items were not displayed on Starred Lineup page; 

6.Fixed an issue that when players ranking up, points were displayed abnormally on the settlement page; 

7.Fixed an issue where recommended pieces in piece store were displayed normally when completing the Tutorial in some cases; 

8.Fixed the voice abnormalities for some Chess Players; 

3.Fixed the Season Record display abnormality of some players; 

4.Fixed an issue where the play button was displayed abnormally when selling items in some cases; 


1.Optimized visual effects of some Chess Skins. 

2.Optimized the match-making rules in the 4v4 team casual mode. 

Above is the main content of this update. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service ([Home Page]-[Upper right Menu]-[Support]). Thank you for your understanding. 

Auto Chess Operation Team