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Auto Chess 2021-04-21

Dear players,

There will be an online update at 22:00 on April 21 (UTC) for roughly 3 hours. Please restart the game after the update.

Patch Notes:


Chess piece:

1. Jade General - Ji Xi

Quality: Rare

Recruitment: can only be invited through Pandaman Synergy

Race: Pandaman

Class: Shaman

Ability - Rock-breaking: Summons 1/2/3 rocks from the edge of the chessboard, striking a row or column each time, stunning enemy units in a straight line for 2/2/3 seconds and dealing 250/350/450 physical damage.

Resets the ability CD time immediately when killing an enemy unit.

Anniversary Mode

Anniversary exclusive mode is available


Chess Piece

1. Avenge Knight

3-Star: Passive: If Avenge Knight survives and wins the battle, she will gain permanent bonus damage: + 30 → 25 ATK.

2. Sacred Lancer

HP: 1050/2100/4200 → 1000/2000/4000

Passive: Each base attack deals additional 20/30/50 → 15/25/50 Magic damage to the target


1. Mage

(9) Class Synergy: All enemy pieces lose 130% → 95% magic resistance , and freeze when taking magical damage. Freeze duration is (actual magical damage/400) seconds.

Freeze: Unable to base attack, move or cast abilities.

2. Warrior

(9) Class Synergy: All allied Warriors gain 18 → 16 Armor

3. Egersis

(6) Race Synergy: All Enemies lose 10 → 12 Armor


1. Fixed the issue that Sacred Lancer’s attack effects could not be triggered in some cases

2. Fixed the lagging problem in Training Camp in some cases

3. Fixed the abnormal display of live comment when Win Streak was ended

4. Fixed the abnormal rank match in Solo mode after playing Duo mode

5. Fixed the abnormal display of chess piece ability text when checking synergy during battle

6. Fixed the abnormal display of purchasing Chess Pass

7. Fixed the abnormal display of Humming Well when checking chessboard in Inventory

8. Fixed the issue that Solo / Duo icon text was English when choosing mode

9. Fixed the abnormal display of Grand Herald’s transformation when stealing Fallen Witcher’s ability

10. Fixed the abnormal interface when watching the Store animation for the first time


1. Optimized clickable region when claiming Check-in reward

2. Optimized the display of recommended item when distributing items during battle

3. Optimized the display of chess piece fragment discount pack

4. Optimized display of Water Spirit’s ability in some cases

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service.

Thank you for your understanding.

Auto Chess Operation Team