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Auto Chess 2021-02-24

Dear Players,

There will be an online update at 22:00 on 2.24, 2021 (UTC) for roughly 20 minutes. Please restart the game to gain the newest game content after the end of the update. Some players might be returned to the login screen during the update, please re-login the game.

Patch Notes:


Chess pieces:

Phantom Queen (Return)

Quality: Legendary

Race: Demon

Class: Assassin

Ability-Scream of Devil(New): Creates a gigantic wave of sound in front of herself, dealing 250/350/550 pure damage to all units in the wave and confusing them for 2/2.5/3.5 seconds.

Confusion: unable to deal normal attacks, nor to cast abilities; cannot be controlled; wanders on the board.


Chess pieces:

1.Avenge Knight

Ability bonus ATK: 10/20/40 → 10/15/30

2.Frost Knight

Ability CD: 20/15/10 → 16/13/10


Ability DPS: 75/150/225 → 80/160/240


Ability attack speed per stack: 15/20/25 → 15/25/35

Maximum stacks: 6/9/12 → 6/8/10

5.Pirate Captain

Ability CD: 15/12/9 → 13/11/9

6.Tsunami Stalker

Ability stun time: 2/2/2 → 2/2.5/3.5

CD: 30/30/30 → 25/20/15



(3): All allied Feathered have a 20%→30% chance to evade attacks

(6): All allied Feathered have a 40%→50% chance to evade attacks, and other Allies have a 25%→30% chance to evade attacks.

(9): All allied Feathered have a 65%→50% chance to evade attacks, and other Allies have a 42%→30% chance to evade attacks.

(9) Added: Once successfully evade, the ally creates an illusion for 10 seconds. Recharge time: 5 seconds.

Illusion: A copy of the original unit, deals 100% damage, but take 100% damage, is unable to inherit the ability, synergy effects or items. Each unit can only create one illusion at one time.


Now it has a higher chance to summon high-cost Insectoid pieces.


(6): continue to survive for 3.5s→4s after being killed


(3): All allied Hunters gain +25→30 ATK

(6): All allied Hunters have a 65%→75% chance to not miss on attacks.

(9) Added: All allied Hunters gain +155 ATK and have a 75% chance to not miss on attacks; other allies gain +70 Basic ATK. When attack, all allies have a 50% chance to knock away the target.


(3): All enemy lose 45%→40% Magic Resistance


1.Optimized some in-game texts.

2.Optimized some item quality:

-Soul Reaper chess skin [Linked Hearts]: Epic→Unique.

-Prosperous Chang'an: Epic→Legendary

3.Optimized the ability effect of [Sacred Knight] (Lightblade Knight chess skin).

4.Optimized the item combination logic.


1.Fixed the Warpwood Sage heal amount abnormity.

2.Fixed the text overlap issue on some pages.

3.Fixed a loading abnormity when launching the game.

4.Fixed the Chess Club info not displayed issue in the Personal Information page.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience that has caused. Thank you for your support!

Auto Chess Operation Team