Statement for Auto Chess PS4 Version Delayed

Auto Chess Team 2020-10-29

There is unfortunate information that we have to share with you. We have decided to slightly delay the PS4 version release date of Oct 30th. The new launch date will be informed immediately when determined.

We understand this is frustrating but please accept our sincerest apologies.

Our purpose is to realize the cross-play on all promised platforms including mobile, PC, and console. Despite all efforts to sharp the game in the past few months, the quality of the current PS4 version still does not achieve our expectations. Some extra time is needed to ensure that the game has a consistently stable performance, therefore, we have to make this difficult decision.

We are certainly sure that the necessary improvements are worth waiting for. Now, we are having a lot of pressure but we believe it will motivate us positively and significantly. 

Auto Chess Team