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Auto Chess 2020-09-03

Dear Players, 

Auto Chess will be under maintenance for roughly 3 hours, beginning at 23:00 on 2020-09-03 (UTC). And we will disable the Matchmaking system at 22:00 accordingly. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.


1. Optimized the lobby rules for Drodo Workshop - Bounty Field maps, you will be in the "Ready" status once enter the lobby, and unable to cancel it

2. Optimized the issue where limited items might expire before the valid date some time.

3. Optimized the issue where you were not able to claim the rewards of the Novice Quests

4. Optimized the counting error of total played games in the "Server Carnival - Total Games" event

We are deeply sorry for all the inconvenience that has caused. Thanks for your support and understanding.

Auto Chess Operation Team