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03/04 Balance Update

Auto Chess Official 2020-03-04

Dear Players,

There will be an on-line update at 22:00 on 03/04 (UTC) for roughly 20 minutes. If you encounter any abnormality in the Store interface after the update, please restart the game.



1. Chess piece

Warpwood Sage:

- now his Max HP is 700/1400/2700 (instead of 650/1300/2300)

- Leech Seed: Deals 12.5/18.75/25 Magical damage to a random enemy piece within 3 grids every 0.25 seconds, and recovers his own HP based on damage dealt for 5 seconds.

Wisper Seer:

- Nature's Call: Summons 1 Treant/2 strong Treants/2 powerful Treants to random grids on the edge of the chessboard to assist in battle.

Frostblaze Dragon:

- Icebound Wall: now deals 200/300/400 Magical damage (instead of 100/200/300)

Lightblade Knight

- Moon Glaives: now the Base attacks bounce between enemies for 3/6/9 times (instead of 3/4/5)

2. Race & Class


- Goblin (6): now grants all Allies +12 Armor (instead of 15)

3. Item


- when the shield disappeared or being destroyed, now deals [60% of the damage absorbed] Pure damage (instead of [100 + 20% of the damage absorbed] Magical damage) to enemies within 5 grids

Heart of Tarrasque:

- now increases 550 HP (instead of 400)

Pulse Staff (Level 1&2):

- newly added effect: has an initial CD of 2 seconds when the battle begins


1. New “Redeem” event

2. New “Total Purchase” event (starts at 16:00 on 03.08 UTC)

3. New arrivals in the Store

4. Adjusted Sign-in Rewards

5. Updated some Gacha


1. Fixed the issue where the skill of Tortola Elder and Wind Ranger might be interrupted by Disarm effect during the Charging time.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your support.

<Auto Chess> Operation Team