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02/26 Update

Auto Chess 2020-02-26

Dear Players,

We are going to execute:

[USA/Canada]: a server maintenance at 11:00 on 02/27 (UTC) for roughly 4 hours.

[Asia] & [Europe]: an on-line update at 22:00 on 02/26 (UTC) for roughly 20 minutes.

If you encounter any abnormality in the Store interface after the update, please restart the game.

Patch note:


1. Optimized Penalty system

2. Optimized some in-game texts

3. Optimized the Matchmaking system for [USA/Canada] server

4. Optimized some UI ressources


1. Fixed the configuration bug in some events

2. Fixed the issue where you couldn't complete the quest "Have 3 different pieces of Feathered class on chessboard in 3 games"


1. New [Wu Kong Gal] chest

2. New [Oasis] chest

3. New Gacha: [Goblin Silver] [Mega 2049] [Moree 2049] and [Donut Gacha]


1. New [Item Redeem] event

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. For any further question, please contact our Customer Service. Thanks for the support.

Auto Chess Operation Team