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Development Process Report

Auto Chess Official 2020-02-14

Development Process Report

Our loved players, we are bringing the latest news about the chess piece models and interface optimization that you are interested in.

1. Chess piece models optimization

Before, we have optimized some chess piece models such as Redaxe Chief, Abyssal Guard, etc.

Due to a large number of chess pieces, it will be a long-term systematic project to optimize the chess piece models. Therefore, we make a priority optimization plan based on the current situation of the chess piece models, and gradually optimize based on this order.

In the 2/13 online update, we also optimized Egersis Ranger: we adjusted the model size and posture of Egersis Ranger and moderately adjusted the overall proportion to optimize the final model effect.

2. Interface optimization

In addition to the chess piece models, many players were concerned about the issue that the chessboard preview had been removed from the home page in the last update. Now we want to inform you with certainty that this feature has been determined to return.

Due to the change of the overall style of the home interface, it will require some time to optimize on restore the chessboard preview function in the game perfectly. We tentatively schedule the return time of this feature to the next version update.

We heard your voice and take it importantly and seriously. We know that you have been paying attention to the optimization of the above issues, so we will share the optimization progress in time. Thank you for your understanding and love!

Auto Chess Operation Team