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02/07 Balance Update

Auto Chess Official 2020-02-06

Dear Players,

Auto Chess will be under maintenance for 1 hours, beginning at 22:00 on 2020-02-06 (UTC). And we will disable the Matchmaking system at 21:00 accordingly. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

Patch note:


1. Chess piece

Umbra: now costs 3 Gold (instead of 2) with 800/1600/3200 HP (instead of 700/1400/2800)

Devastator: Delayed Action Bomb deals now 500/800/1100 damages (instead of 600/1000/1400)

2. Race & Class

Feathered (6): the Evasion rate now is 40% (instead of 35%)

Egersis (4): all enemies now lose 8 Armor (instead of 10)

Assassin (3) (6): when activated, Assassins will must deal a critical damage with their first base attack in each round

3. Item

Pulse Staff (Level 1): now deals (10% of target’s Max HP +200) Magical Damage (instead of 400)

Pulse Staff (Level 2): now deals (20% of target’s Max HP +300) Magical Damage (instead of 500)

Python Wand: immunes to Ability for 4 seconds now (instead of 3)

Infused Mask: now gains +15% Lifesteal (instead of 40%), and item attribute is changed to “base attacks of the user reduce enemy armor by 8 for 5 seconds" (instead of “the target cannot recover HP for 5 seconds”)

Halberd of Judgement: now increases Max HP by 800 (instead of 250) and the target will no longer have “15 Armor reduced by using base attacks for 5 seconds”

4. Combination chain:

Infused Mask = Frantic Mask + Wraith Shard (instead of Frantic Mask + Dragon Blood Axe)

Claw Wand = Python Wand + Ghost Blade (instead of Python Wand + Wraith Shard)

Halberd of Judgement = Cloud Halberd + Dragon Blood Axe (instead of Cloud Halberd + Ghost Blade)


1. New "Item redeem" event available

2. New arrivals in Store

3. Optimized the layout of the navigation bar in Home interface

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your support.

Auto Chess Operation Team