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12/30 Online Update

Auto Chess Official 2019-12-30

Dear Players,

There will be an online update at 16:00 on 12.30 (UTC) for roughly 20 minutes. Should you encounter any trouble regarding the ingame Store after the update, please kindly restart the game.



1. New constellation Chess Player - Starlight Capricornus.

2. New [Chief Vacation] series pack. 

3. New Encore Packs III for a limited time.

4. Five new items in Store 

5. Winterfest Gacha removed. 


1. Candy Sage Gacha RNG adjusted.

2. Dubbing voice for Chess Player - Andy updated.

3. Limited item timer added in Store interface.


1. Fixed the server-choosing bug, please make sure that all your characters are created in [Asia] server.

We are deeply sorry for all the inconvenience this causes. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Auto Chess Operation Team