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12/23 Online Update

Auto Chess Official 2019-12-23

Dear Players,

There will be an on-line update at 22:00 on 12/23 (UTC) for roughly 20 minutes (planned, look in-game to find out the exact time). If you encounter any abnormality in the Store interface after the update, please restart the game.


[Christmas Event]

1. Added "Winterfest Chest Gacha"

2. Increased number of possible loot-drop from "Winterfest Chest"

3. Increased number of possible loot-drop from "Candy Sage Gacha" (former Supreme Gacha)

All the events above end at 16:00 on 12-30 (UTC)


1. Added new time-limited "Encore Pack Y-II"

2. Added new time-limited "Encore Pack X-II"

3. Added reminder sound effect when you need to confirm starting a match


1. Fixed the issue where the settlement rewards for Bishop-9 and Rook-9 were wrongly displayed

2. Fixed the issue where the recommended line-up were automatically chosen at the beginning of each round

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your support.

<Auto Chess> Operation Team