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12/13 Online Update

Auto Chess Offcial 2019-12-13

Dear Players,

There will be an on-line update at 18:00 on 13.12.2019 (UTC) for roughly 20 minutes.

If you quit or get disconnected in the middle of game, you cannot reconnect to the previous match, and the result won’t be counted in the settlement. Please arrange your time reasonably.



1. New arrivals in the Store: Phantom's Surprise Pack & Sunset Shinto Box

2. New "Winterfest" themed Chess Pass interface


1. Fixed the issue where the Chess player/Chessboard boxes icons were wrongly displayed

2. Fixed the issue where the Leaderboard: Chess Pass was wrongly displayed

3. Fixed the issue where the game might get crushed while downloading the resource package on iOS devices

4. Fixed the issue where you couldn't check the punishing reason

Special Notes:

1. Before downloading the resource package, all the resources in the game are displayed as the default resources (for example: all chess player skins are displayed as Hatred by default); once the download is completed, the in-game BGM, voice and chess piece sound effects can be played normally;

2. The game is currently unstable on stimulators, which may lead to some problems. Please try to use your mobile devices to enjoy the game;

If you want to enjoy a better game experience and higher game quality, please download the in-game resources package first.

We are deeply sorry for all the inconvenient that have caused. Thanks for your support and understanding.

Auto Chess Operation Team