AutoChess 2022-07-27

Dear Players,

Auto Chess will disable the Matchmaking system at 21:00 on 2022-7-27 (UTC). And will be under maintenance at 22:00 on 2022-7-27 (UTC) for approximately 4 hours. You won’t be able to log into the game during this period. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

[Piece Ability Reset]

1. Shining Dragon

Quality: Rare

Race: Dragon/Feathered

Class: Mage

Wind Exploration

Locks on the enemy piece with the highest ATK flashes to the farthest grid that can attack the enemy, and links self with the piece, making the piece suffer 40/50/60 magical damage per second and inflicting the Weaken effect on it. The effect lasts for 5s seconds; if the distance between the Shining Dragon and the target is >3 grids during the link duration, the link will be terminated and the target will be stunned for 2/2.5/3s seconds.Pierces ability immunity.

Weaken: Damage dealt by pieces affected by the effect -45%.

2. Frostblaze Dragon

Original Ability-Icebound Wall:

Builds an Icebound wall on his right side, dealing 250/400/600 Magical Damage to enemies passing through the wall and reducing their Attack Speed by 30% for 3 seconds. All pieces won't target enemies on the other side of the wall.

New ability-Frost Fire Impact:

Frostblaze Dragon unleashes Frost Bombs and Fire Bombs at the same time.

Frost Bomb: Deals 100/150/200 magical damage to a random enemy and a grid around it, and inflicts an ice mark on them. The ATK Speed of the enemies damaged by the Frost Bomb will be reduced by 50%/60%/70% for 5 seconds.

Fire Bomb: Deals 100/150/200 magical damage to a random enemy and a grid around it, and inflicts a fire mark on them. The enemies damaged by the Fire Bomb suffer 50/75/100 magical damage per second for 5 seconds.The ice mark and fire mark last permanently.

When an enemy has both the ice mark and fire mark, the marks will merge and detonate, dealing 500/800/1100 magical damage, and the marks will disappear after detonation.

Pierces ability immunity.

[Piece Return]

1.Shining Dragon

2.Lava Shaman

3.Tusk Champion

4.Evil Knight



1.Increases 20→18 Armor for all allied Warriors. When receiving physical or magical damage, reflects pure damage equals to the value of the recipient's Armor


1.The number of Common Items dropped by creeps in round 20 is increased from 1 to 2.

2.The choose-1-out-of-3 Item in round 25 is changed from Common to Rare.

[Lineup Feature]

1. The Lineup will be unlocked after a player reaches Bishop 1 in any Ranked games.

2. There are two types of pieces in the Lineup: 55 Public Pieces and 30 Choice Pieces. The two types of pieces won't repeat.

3. Only Public Pieces can be chosen in the piece store when the Lineup is locked or the Lineup plan is not set. After setting a Lineup plan, all Public Pieces and 10 Choice Pieces of the plan can be chosen in the piece store (The rest pieces remain banned in a game).

4. When starting a game, the choose-1-out-of-4 interface will pop up in the first round (You can choose at any round. If you don't want to choose for the time being, you can close the interface and choose later.). The chosen Lineup plan can also be switched to other plans at any time.

[Illusion Trial]

1. You can create a Lobby or join a team to start challenging. Regardless of the challenge result, points will be granted and used for the ranking and unlocking more in-game content.

2. In the store of the Illusion Trial, you can use points or Donuts to unlock/purchase in-game piece templates, piece abilities, boosts, and consumables.

3. You can increase the stage difficulty by selecting different affixes before starting a game, so as to obtain extra bonus during the settlement.


S18 is in full swing.

[New Feature]

1. Add the in-game real-time voice chat.

2. Add the display of the total value of the items.


1. Optimized the Rank matchmaking mechanism.

2. Optimized the feature of the Starred Lineups.

3. Optimized the effects of some fonts.

4. Optimized the art effects and ability sound effects of some pieces.

5. Optimized the display and performance of some interfaces.


Fixed some known errors.

Above is the main content of this update. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service ([Home Page]-[upper right Menu]-[Support]). Thank you for your support.

Auto Chess Operation Team