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Auto Chess 2021-02-04

Dear Players,

There will be an online update at 01:00 on 2.5, 2021 (UTC) for roughly 20 minutes. Please restart the game to gain the newest game content after the end of the update. Some players might be returned to the login screen during the update, please re-login the game.

Patch Note:


Chess pieces:

1. Ember Blade

Ability-Catching Fire: Bonus Damage 100/200/400 → 75/150/400

2. Thunder Trace

Ability-Ball Lightning: Ability Damage 40/65/115 → 50/75/125

3. Skull Hunter

Basic HP: 650/1300/2600 → 700/1400/2800

4. God of War

Basic HP: 650/1300/2600 → 700/1400/2800



Extra Physical Damage: 20 → 18


1. Optimized the visual effect of Egersis(6).

2. Optimized the item recommendations for some chess pieces.

3. Optimized the click box of chess pieces in chess store.


1. Fixed the 3-star Hell Knight ATK normality

2. Fixed the issue that item recommendation disappear in some cases

3.Fixed an issue that some players can't check Recommended Lineup on Pocket Dragonest

4. Fixed the My Lineups disappearance issue in battles.

5. Fixed the issue that Senior Pass exclusive name color & icon are not visible in some interfaces.

6. Fixed the black screen issue when re-login the game

7. Fixed the Queen/King icon display error in some interfaces

8. Fixed some Battle settings abnormality

9. Fixed the in-game nickname display abnormality in the player list during battles

10. Fixed the Chat Channel display issues

11. Fixed the in-game pop-ups abnormality

12. Fixed the failure share issues on Pocket Dragonest

13. Fixed the issue that rewards cannot be obtained after finish the Fantasy mode missions

14. Fixed the interface display abnormality when spectating a friend

15. Fixed the probability display abnormality of Dragon Cube

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.

Auto Chess Operation Team