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01/12 Update

Auto Chess Official 2020-01-11

Dear Players,

Auto Chess will be under maintenance for 6 hours, beginning at 15:30 on 2020-01-12 (UTC). And we will disable the Matchmaking system at 14:00 accordingly. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

Patch note: [New art design]

1. Brand new interface style

2. Optimized all Chess pieces models

3. Optimized all Items icons

4. Optimized sharing page

5. Optimized Game logo

[New Chess pieces]

1. Frostblaze Dragon: Dragon; Warlock

2. Umbra: Dragon, Egersis; Hunter

[Chess Store Adjustment]

In Fantasy, Duo and Classic modes:

1. Added Frostblaze Dragon and Umbra

2. Removed temporarily Egersis Prophet

[New Synergy]

Dragon (6): At the start of the battle, 6 Allies have 100 mana. (When there are more than 6 Allies on the Chessboard, those deployed on the relative left will get the effects in priority.)

Mage (9): All Enemies lose Magic Resistance by 150%.

[New Mode]

1. Trio Mode

[New Functions]

1. Changed Special Effect configurations into 3 slots to each Chess player, and added 3 Outfit slots with which you could customize your Chess player (only available for certain Chess players at present)

2. Integrated Story Animation when entering the Novice Guidance.

3. Invited "Unicorn" to guide you in Novice Guidance

4. Added "I want to be strong" tips below the Settlement interface

5. Added "Casting action" and "Injured action" to Chess players

6. The unused items in the "Exchange" events will be automatically sold at the end of the event

7. Added "Auto Repair" button on the login interface, you could try with this function when you encountered a login error


1. Fixed the issue where you couldn't install the formal client and Experimental Server client on the same device

[Item Adjustment]

1. Newly added Items: Nether Essence, Python Wand, Halberd of Judgement;

2. Adjusted Combination Chain:

Dragonbone Shield = Cattlehide Armour + Life Crystal

Heaven's Gift = Dragonbone Shield + Dragon Blood Axe

Orb of Regen = Magicka Crystal + Magicka Crystal

Anti-Maga Cloak = Resistance Cloak + Resistance Cloak

Maelstorm = Rune Hammer + Rune Hammer

Oblivion Staff = Wooden Club + Rune Hammer

Cloud Halberd = Life Crystal + Lucky Coin

Icearmor = Blade Mail + Nether Essence

Claw Wand = Python Wand + Wraith Shard

Orb of Refresh = Orb of Regen + Mysterial Staff

Pulse Staff (Level 2) = Pulse Staff (Level 1) + Mysterial Staff

Scythe of Vyse = Voodoo Staff + Mysterial Staff

Infused Mask = Frantic Mask + Dragon Blood Axe

Heart of Tarrasque = Puppet Mask + Dragon Blood Axe

Barbaric Cuirass = Steel Platemail + Nether Essence

Jade Pipe = Anti-Maga Cloak + Nether Essence

Axe of Fury = Shadow Edge + Wraith Shard

3. Adjusted Quality:

These are now Common items: Lucky Coin

These are now Rare items: Dragon Blood Axe, Wraith Shard, Ghost Blade and Mysterial Staff

These are now Mythical items: Dragonbone Shield, Orb of Regen, Anti-Maga Cloak, Maelstorm, Oblivion Staff, Cloud Halberd, Steel Platemail, Frantic Mask, Voodoo Staff, Crystal Sword, Blade Mail and Puppet Mask

These are now Legendary items: Heaven's Gift, Claw Wand, Pulse Staff (Level 2), Infused Mask, Barbaric Cuirass and Jade Pipe

4. Adjusted Attributes and Effects:

Heaven's Gift

Orb of Regen

Anti-Maga Cloak

Cloud Halberd


Shadow Edge

Claw Wand

Orb of Refresh

Scythe of Vyse

Infused Mask

Heart of Tarrasque

Barbaric Cuirass

Jade Pipe

Wooden Club

Rune Hammer

Dragon Blood Axe

Pulse Staff (Level 2)

5. Removed Item:


Ring of Life

Kira Axe

Fish Fork

Teleport Dagger

Killerbot 300

Wraith Crystal


1. You cannot quite the Novice Guidance in advance, but you could now surrender in Round 8 (instead of Round 12)

2、Optimized requirements for the Seasonal Chess player: Reach Knight-1 & Reach Top3 for 3 times If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your support.

<Auto Chess> Operation Team