Anniversary Mode is available online now! Limited time, don’t miss it!

Auto Chess 2021-04-23

Auto Chess 2nd Anniversary special mode: Anniversary Mode is now available for a limited time only!

Let's take a look at it now~

Event time

4.23 – 5.6

How to enter this mode?

Enter the Choose Mode screen, and you will find the glittering “Anniversary” mode here!

Reach Top4 two times and you can get bonus reward!

(Note: you need to reach Level 10 to enter this mode)

What are the features of this mode?

Anniversary mode is just for a fun and happy anniversary celebration!

In this mode:

-You can find the basic rules of Quick mode. Easier to star-up, faster levels, and more golds!

-All removed chess pieces will be back. Say hi to Shadow Devil and Shining Dragon!

-Featured pieces will appear much more often!


You may ask, what are the featured pieces? I never seen it before.


Well, the featured pieces are extremely powerful and expensive. They are 3-star when purchasing. But you only have significantly small chance to find them in normal games.

Many players haven’t seen it before, and now the Anniversary mode will offer this chance! They will show more often. It’s time to bring them into your lineups! 

There are two featured pieces in-game: [Corruption Soulreaper] and [Ashes Hell Knight]

[Corruption Soulreaper]

Cost: 10 Gold

HP: 3400

ATK: 220

Armor: 5

Range: 3

Ability: Reaper's Scythe——Kills an enemy piece instantly. Cooldown: 10 S.


[Ashes Hell Knight]

Cost: 15 Gold

HP: 3000

ATK: 300

Armor: 5

Range: 1

Ability: Helling Phantasm——Summons 3 phantasmal copies to battle. Cooldown: 30 S.

They look pretty powerful, aren’t they? Let’s try it out in the battle!


Auto Chess Anniversary Mode is available during Apr. 23 – May. 6! You can also get the exchangeable items, exclusive rewards from this mode. Don’t miss it!