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Auto Chess Official 2019-10-09

Book your spot for our Fun Tournaments at Gamestart 2019 Singapore today! On both days of Gamestart 2019, you’ll be able to take part in our Auto Chess Fun Tournament and win some awesome prizes including cash, candies and legendary skins!

Register on at any of the qualifying timeslots and visit our booth at Gamestart 2019 to play the Auto Chess games with us! Create your account and find your timeslot at:

There will be 4 daily qualifiers, where the top 2 will qualify for the grand final! The 8 players will then play for the following prizes proudly sponsored by and Auto Chess:

1st: $50, Northern Winter Charms x1 + 10,000 candy

2nd: $30, Punk Gal x1 + 10,000 candy

3rd: $25, Senior Chess Pass (S3) + 10,000 candy

4th: $25, 8000 candy

5th: $20, 6000 candy

6th: $20, 5000 candy

7th: $20, 4000 candy

8th: $20, 3000 candy

Every qualifier player will win a pin for participating and the top 3 will get shirts! We’ll also be having giveaways for shirts and pins as well – simply register for at Gamestart 2019 to participate!