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Dev Log: Jade General Design Insight

Auto Chess 2021-04-12

He comes from the most prosperous family of Pandaman: Ji's Family;

He wants to protect his companions and is loyal to his emperor;

He controls the laws and rites of the Pandaman Empire;

He is the warden of Jade Prison, Ji Xi.

I. Chess Piece Info

Jade General——Ji Xi

Race: Pandaman

Class: Shaman

Rarity: Rare

Role: Disabler

Ability: Rock-breaking


Summons rocks from the edge of the chessboard, striking a row or column each time, stunning enemy units in a straight line and dealing physical damage.

Resets the ability CD time immediately when killing an enemy unit.


II. Design Ideas

The Jade General is a new piece coming to Auto Chess soon. How was this piece designed? What are the ideas for his appearance and ability? Let's ask the developers now!


1.Why is he called the Jade General? Is this related to his backstory?

A: Ji Xi is the primary shaman of Pandaman, and he's also a master of Qi. His power comes from the Jade Qi. Also, his personality is like a stone: integrity, fearlessness, and adamancy. He controls laws and rites and is like an indestructible pillar of the empire.

In Chinese, Xi (碏) means the color of rocks and strong barriers. That's why we call him the Jade General-Ji Xi.


2.Jade General's ability is a crowd control style ability, but it's different from the pieces like Tsunami Stalker. What are the considerations for his skill design?

A: The battlefield of Auto Chess is a chessboard. Before, we didn't combine the abilities a lot with the chessboard, and this is a little pity for us.

When designing the Pandaman which has Chinese features, we referred to Chinese Chess, which is also known as Xiangqi. In Xiangqi, "Chariot" is one of the most important pieces. So does Jade General in the Pandaman Empire. Chariots move similarly to rooks in international chess, moves as many points as it wishes horizontally or vertically. And if you look at Jade General's ability, you will find his rocks move just like Chariots on the chessboard.

We want to show a general who controls his stone chariot charge to the battlefield. He is tough and upright. No one can stop this great general with his rocks army.


3.Shaman(4) synergy has been changed in previous update, and now there will be another Shaman. Does this mean Shaman(4) is easier to be formed? And will the transformation be too strong?

A: Ji Xi, as the Chief Shaman in Pandaman race, is very different from the other shamans.

In the game, Jade General can only be summoned via other Pandaman. This means sometimes he is harder to get than Storm Shaman. And this piece alone is strong enough. So whether to trigger Shaman(4) and let him transform will be a decision to be made carefully.


4.So why not put him into the piece store? We still can only find Heaven Brew in the piece store.

A: Pandaman is a special synergy. We want to add some RNG to this game while keeping the current balances.

You can only get one kind of Pandaman in the piece store and need to wait for him to invite others. This synergy may bring huge benefits while also taking corresponding risks —— and we know that everyone's evaluation of it is polarized. So we decide to leave only one Pandaman in the piece store. This will give players a chance to play this race, while not affecting the piece store so much.


5.How about his art design?

A: In general, the art team was very excited to design a character with such detailed settings. According to his backstory, we understand [Panda] and [Stone] are the keywords for this brave and upright warden.


We designed two different drafts for him at the beginning. One version is with a stone arm (Left); another one is with a whole stone body and fused with nature (Right).


Eventually, we chose the one with a strong flesh body and hard stone arm. We want to tell people that there's also a soft side in his stone heart.

In detail, jade element brings energy surges onto his arm.

We also added a lot of Chinese style patterns to keep him coordinated with the other three Pandaman pieces and reflect Chinese


The finalized version (With gravels floating around him to represent his power, he's more like a general now)

Jade General is now available in Eperimental Server, come and try it out!

Download Link: