Please read the following instructions carefully prior to completing the application. If you meet the eligibility requirements and are willing to join the official content creator sharing program, please click “APPLY NOW” button to tell us about yourself
Once your application’s approved, you will receive an exclusive code, share it to your Supporters
You’ll earn money from your Supporter’s purchases within 14 days once they have entered and bind your code in the game(unless another Creator is picked)



    Auto Chess’ SUPPORT-A-CREATOR program encourages Creators to create great contents and earn money from Auto Chess. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply to become our Official Creator, with one exclusive code. The players who enter this code in the game will become your Supporters, the code will be bind for 14 days unless another Creator is picked.

    In the next 14 days, you will receive $5 USD for every $100 spent by players who elect to support you in-game (a consumption less than $100 won’t be settled but will be accumulated when it reaches $100).


    Auto Chess wants to provide a platform for players to support their favorite Creators. At the same time, Auto Chess also wish to motivate Creators to create more interesting contents through this program.


    Creators (streamers, active video makers, cosplayers, community builders, musicians, and any game-related content creators) who meet the following criteria:

    1. Has 500+ followers on at least one major social platform;

    2. Creates contents that are based on <Auto Chess> and comply with the corresponding laws and regulations of his/her region;

    3. Is friendly and respectful to all game players as a part of Auto Chess’ product extension;

    4. Creates content suitable for the specified age group;

    5. Please do not intentionally reduce the content’s quality for promotion. We encourage our Creators to insist on creating high quality and enjoyable content;

    6. Please do not use any content that contains hate speech, threats, spam, harassment, discrimination or illegal acts;

    7. It is strictly forbidden to violate any copyright or trademark of <Auto Chess> or any third-party creators;

    8. It is strictly forbidden to participate in any gambling activities related to <Auto Chess>;

    All appropriate or inappropriate behaviors are defined by Auto Chess official team, any violation of the SUPPORT-A-CREATOR Users Agreement is founded, we have the right to evict the Creator from this program.


    This program is not available to residents in China mainland or Vietnam, or other areas prohibited by the SUPPORT-A-CREATOR Users Agreement.


    Before we can approve your application, we need to make sure that you are the actual owner of the channel(s) you submitted. Please follow these steps to complete your application and become a verified Auto Chess Creator:

    1. Copy your verification code that you received;

    2. Paste this code in your main creating platforms (e.g.: Twitch, Facebook, etc.);

    For example: your verification code is HJK12:

    · Add HJK12 in the title or the information page of your Twitch live room; so that we could identify you as the actual owner of this live room;

    · Or add HJK12 in the profile page of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social platform, so that we could identify you as the actual owner of this social account;

    The same goes to other live, content or social channels;

    3. You could choose to fill only one or multiple channels, (please make sure that we could view the information as a visitor);

    4. Send an email to with a link to any of the above (attention: the screenshot will not be counted as the prove);

    5. Our team will then check your link and verify whether you are the actual owner of the channel. Once your application has been fully approved, you will receive an additional email with an official code, which you can share to your Supporters! (This process may take some time, please be patient!);


    Once you have been accepted, we will send you an email with a link that only allows our official certified Creators to visit, then you can check your own information through this site.


    1. Please fill in your payment account in the application sheet, your earning will then go to this account;

    2.Payments are scheduled to be sent 45 days after the end of the month, for example February's payments are targeted for April 15th, March's for May 15th, etc. Timing may be impacted by jet lag, receiving bank or other unforeseen circumstances. Please be patient! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via and explain your problem;

    3. You will receive $5 USD for every $100 spent by your Supporters in-game. A consumption less than $100 won’t be settled but will be accumulated when it reaches $100);

    4.The earning is denominated in US dollars, and the currency exchange rate may is subject to the real-time situation;

    5.If your Supporter makes a refund after the purchases and is successfully refunded, a corresponding earning will be deducted from your revenue;