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Auto Chess Offline Meetup Beijing Station

Auto Chess Official 2020-01-07

Auto Chess Offline Meetup Beijing Station

Auto Chess Offline Meetup Beijing Station was hosted on January 4, 2020.

We have collected suggestions to improve our offline meetup after Auto Chess Offline Meetup Chengdu Station in order to create a warmer and more lively atmosphere for the future offline meetups.

Let’s feel the enthusiasm of the chess players in Beijing's offline meetup!

Location: 798 Beijing

Various delicious foods were prepared for the participated chess players!

There were fierce competitions among chess players in the main race.

All chess players actively participated in the Auto Chess Quiz for winning the rewards.

Hamm, the champion of Douyu Masters, brought some wonderful routines and tips to the players.

At the end of the meetup event, chess players had opportunities to redeem peripheral products.

We have experienced the enthusiasm of chess players again in Beijing station.

The offline meetup is still in process, all chess players have opportunities to decide the future offline meetup location!