Register for the first Chess Club Battle now!

Auto Chess 2021-07-09

Chess Club Battle is a global online tournament officially organized by Auto Chess. We sincerely invite players from all over the world to join this new competition that is based on Chess Clubs and using the Casual (Team) mode, (new 4V4 mode).

Please note:

1.There is no rank requirement for this tournament. You can register as long as you are in a Chess Club.

2.Each Chess Club only needs to be registered by the president or one person in charge. Other members do not need to register again

3.After the registration is over, the official organizer will conduct a one-time random draw from the registered Chess Clubs (through a third-party website). 64 chess clubs will be randomly picked out for the tournament. 

4.During the tournament, every player can only represent one Chess Club

5.During the tournament, President transfers for any reason will not be accepted

6.During the tournament, any change of chess club members will not be accepted

7.When the registration is over, any major changes, game notices, and other related information will be announced on the official Discord server. Please make sure to join the official Discord server for the tournament and comply with the server regulations.

Rewards for the Chess Club Battle:

First-place Chess Club: 40,000 Donuts+Select in-game items*4

(In-game Championship items and IP partnership items excluded)

Second-place Chess Club: 20,000 Donuts+Select in-game items*4

(In-game Championship items and IP partnership items excluded)

Registration time: July 9 - July 11

Game Mode: Casual (Team) Mode [New 4v4]

Registration method: Click the link below to finish the registration form. You can find the Discord link at the end of the form.

Time/Rules: Please watch the official Chess Battle Discord Server

Registration Link: