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Auto Chess 2021-05-08

Dear players,

Auto Chess Experimental Server will be under maintenance at 11:00 on 2021-5-8 (UTC) for approximately 3 hours. You won’t be able to log into the game during this period. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

Patch Notes:

[New Chess Piece/New Synergy]

Chess Piece:

1.Sunchaser Servant

Quality: Common

Race: Horn

Class: Assassin

Ability - Warrior Charge: Charges the farthest enemy unit, dealing 200/300/500 damage and stunning it for 1/1.5/2.5 seconds, knocking back any enemy unit on the way to the nearest grid and stunning it for 0.5 seconds.

2.Sunchaser Shaman

Quality: Epic

Race: Horn

Class: Shaman

Ability - Earth Drumming: Pound the ground with spirits drum, creating a straight line of impassable rock area for 6/8/12 seconds; Knocking back any enemy unit in the area to the nearest grid, stunning for 2/3/5 seconds and dealing 300/400/600 Physical Damage.



Race effect:

(2): Summons a Horn Totem (HP equals to total enemy pieces*3) when battle starts;

Horn Totem: will be targeted first when within enemy attack range. Totem cannot move, attack or restore HP. Receives only 1 melee attack damage or 2 ranged attack damage each time.


Chess Piece:


Temporarily removed from Rank, Casual, and some other modes.



Race effect:

(6)All allies increase 50% attack speed; Each attack adds 15% bonus attack speed up to 16 stacks.

[Mechanism Adjustment]

5-cost chess piece refreshment mechanism adjustment - Limited Legend applies to normal mode

1.The Workshop-Limited Legend rules will be added to all game modes except Tutorials, Novice, Training Camp, and Field Training.

Limited Legend rules: at the beginning of each game, the system will randomly ban several 5-Gold chess pieces; Only with the Golden Heart of Mech, you will be able to get all the 5-Gold chess pieces, including those that are banned

Chess Player HP Damage adjustment

1.How to calculate: Chess Quality Damage+Chess Star Level Damage+Chess Player Level Damage


1) Damage from different quality chess piece: (In a certain range, the higher quality will do more damage)

Common, Uncommon, Rare: 0 Damage

Epic, Legendary: 1 Damage

2) Damage from different star level chess piece:(equal to the chess piece star)

1 Star: 1 Damage

2 Star: 2 Damage

3 Star: 3 Damage

3) Damage from different level chess player: (In a certain range, the higher level will do more damage)

Level 1~8: 0 Damage

Level 9: 1 Damage

Level 10 or more: 2 Damage

Note: Damage from chess pieces with different quality and star level can be checked on the Info page of chess pieces; Damage from chess player level will be calculated at the end of each round.

3.Damage from chess pieces is basically the same as its star level. Epic and legendary chess pieces will do extra damage.


1.New system

New Medal system!

Equip and show your special Medals! (Click [Medal] page in [Personal Information] to check)

2.New 4V4 mode

Team competition new mode: 4V4!

More teamplay strategy is waiting for you!

3.AI added to Workshop

You can now add AI players to some Workshop maps.

Experience your favored Workshop map faster!

4.Summons/Transformation model display

You can now check the Summons and Transformation models for some pieces.

5.Chess Skin display in Illustration

In Illustration, the current chess skin will be displayed as the chess piece illustration.

6.Chess Piece Biography

Biographies will be revealed for some pieces. Unlock chess piece star levels to unlock more biography. You can check it on the [Illustration] [Chess Piece Info] [Biography] page.

Have you unlocked them all?

7.Chess piece display switching

In the Illustration, you can zoom in the Chess Piece model by clicking it. You can also switch it to portrait screen display

8.Featured voices for some Chess Skins

Featured voices have been added to some Chess Skins: Joint Hearts (Shadowcrawler), Linked Hearts (Soul Reaper), Immortal Water Mystery (Water Spirit), Citrine Digon (Umbra), Mega Digon (Umbra)


1.Optimized the waiting time after battle rounds: players who finish the battle and settlement earlier will proceed to the preparation phase in advance. After the countdown of the preparation phase for all players is over, they will enter the next round of battle together.

2.Optimized some functions, interfaces, and notifications of the Championship. You can now check the previous winners' info during the offseason.

3.Optimized the item display during games. Chess piece icon will be displayed on the lower right corner of the items it's equipping.

4.Optimized the animation when switching between scenes

5.Optimized the Chess Piece Share in Duo mode. The chess piece deployed in the first round will be shared automatically.

6.Optimized an issue where some voice and background music volume is not coordinated.

Above are the patch notes for this update. Please contact the in-game customer service should you have any issues. See you in the game!

Auto Chess Operation Team