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Auto Chess 2020-08-30

Dear Players, 

Auto Chess will be under maintenance for roughly 5 hours, beginning at 16:00 on 2020-08-30 (UTC). And we will disable the Matchmaking system at 15:00 accordingly. If necessary, the scheduled server launch may change to accommodate any additional maintenance.

Patch note:


1. Chess Piece: Soul Devourer 

Demon & Wizard


Chess Piece:

1. God of Thunder: Zeus' Punishment

Attack point: 0.3s → 0.5s

2. Werewolf

Basic HP: 700/1400/2800 → 750/1500/3000

3. Poisonous Worm: Plague Ward

CD time: 5/4/3s → 5/5/5s

4. Sacred Lancer

Basic HP: 1150/2300/4600 → 1050/2100/4200

5. Assassin (6):

Target: All allied Assassins → All allies

Critical rate: 30% → 20%

Critical rate at first base attack: 70% → 60%

Critical damage: 350%

Assassin (9):

Target: All allied Assassins → All allies

Critical rate: 40% → 30%

Critical rate at first base attack: 100%

Critical damage: 400%

6. Egersis (6): All Enemies lose 12 Armor.

7. Wizard (4): If there's only the synergy of one race/class is activated other than the Wizard synergy, then the highest tier of this synergy will be activated immediately.

8. Knight ([2/4/6]): have a 100% chance to obtain a damage-reducing shield at the beginning of each round.

[Game mechanism]

Added new ways of getting Gold in the battle and adjusted required EXP for leveling up 

1. About Gold:

1) New Item inheritance mechanism: when a player is eliminated, a part of his/her owned Gold will be issued randomly to the surviving ones.

2) Bonus Gold for breaking a winning streak: When you break an opponent’s winning streak (of at least 5), you will obtain the same amount of Gold as this opponent’s winning streak interest.

2. About EXP:

From Lv.6 to Lv.7: 16 EXP → 18 EXP

From Lv.7 to Lv.8: 24 EXP → 28 EXP

From Lv.8 to Lv.9: 32 EXP → 38 EXP

From Lv.9 to Lv.10: 40 EXP → 48 EXP 

[Drodo Workshop]

1. New map: Happy Battle

2. New map: Smash Goblins

3. New map: 3-Star Redaxe Chief 


1. Optimized the jumping animation of the chess pieces in the battle. 

2. You could move your chess players while playing an action animation. 

3. After equipping the chess piece with Item during the preparation phase, you can directly check the attributes changes

4. Optimized the background music

5. Optimized the sound effect for Pirate Captain’s ability

6. Your avatar will be displayed in replacement of the chess player on the loading interface

7. Optimized the combination logics and selling mechanism for the chess skins.

8. Optimized the chat windows.

1) You could choose to close manually the Private chat window

9. Optimized the "Newcomer Event"

10. Added entering animations when you check the Illustration of a chess piece. 

11. Added Championship channel in the Spectator mode. 

12. Added "Distribute Items" and "Adjust Position" functions in the battle


1. New chessboard: Genial Blockhouse

2. "Cave Clan’s Summer" Chest

3. New chess skins: Razorclaw [Blue] and Long Vacation

4. Set a purchase limit to avoid mistake repurchase of goods that you've already owned.

5. Optimized the chests in the store:

1) If you have owned some of the decorations in the chest, you won't get them while purchasing, and the corresponding price will be deducted accordingly.

2) For chess skin, if you don't have unlocked the 3-star chess skin, the price of the chest will be adjusted according to the required number of the chess skin that you need.

6. The chest will be automatically opened upon obtaining so it won't appear in your Inventory.

7. Optimized the animation while opening a Cube.

8. Optimized the display of the chess player’s decorations in the chest.


1. New "Item Redeem" event

We are deeply sorry for all the inconvenient that have caused. Thanks for your support and understanding.

 Auto Chess Operation Team