[Experimental server] Battle Challenge event

Auto Chess 2020-12-30

Dear Players,

To protect the world from BUGs! To unite all chess players within our experimental server! To pronounce the heaven of truth and joy!

The [Experimental server] Battle Challenge event is coming! Come participate in it for abundant rewards!

[Registration method]

1. You need to fill in the registration questionnaire for the qualification. Please answer it carefully.

Attention: The rewards will be issued according to the information that you’ve submitted. Please check it carefully before the submission.

Special note: Please use CAPITAL letter when filling in the “Game ID”

2. At the end of the [Experimental server] Battle Challenge event, the rewards will be issued into your account of the official server.

[Event Rules]

1. Available modes: Solo Casual mode or Custom Lobby.

2. During the event, play a match in the designated mode with a rank in Top4 is counted as 1 valid match

3. After the event, the rewards will be determined base on your total valid matches

[Event rewards]

1. Play 15 matches in total: Donut Box (Silver) *20 + Donut Box (Gold) *2

2. Play 10 matches in total: Donut Box (Silver) *15

3. Play 5 matches in total: Donut Box (Silver) *10


1. Please make sure that the information you’ve filled in the questionnaire is correct

2. Any violation of the rules of the game will result in the cancellation of relevant rewards, please keep a healthy gaming environment

3. The rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the end of the event, please be patient

4. The rewards of the different tier will not be stacked

5. For any further question, please contact our Customer Service

[Register Time]

12.29.2020 - 12.31.2020

[Event Time]

12.30.2020 - 12.31.2020

[Register Link]

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