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Drodo Q&A: The Update III

Auto Chess 2021-03-29

Dear players,

After gathering your feedbacks and detecting those bugs, we'd like to share our current progress with you now.

The next update is planned to be at around 16:00 March 30 (UTC).

1.About the Piece Store

A: Some players gave us feedback that the Piece Store feels not right. So we started to check the first time. Due to the complexity of the Piece Store mechanism, it took us some time to detect the issue. Now, we have verified the reason that makes the Piece Store "doesn't feel right", and will optimize the mechanism in the March 30 update.

2.Priest(2) synergy Green Essence doesn't drop when a player taking 8 damage.

A: We will fix this issue in the March 30 update.

3.Delay at the end of each battle

A: It Will be fixed in the March 30 update.

[Other issues]

1.Crash issues

A: After gathering a lot of info about the crashes, we found that this issue mainly happens on HUAWEI devices. We are still working on fixing it. Thanks for your patience.

If you encounter any crashes and are not using a HUAWEI device, please tell us your in-game ID, device type, and some related information.

Thanks for reading, please leave your comments to the community if there are any more bugs. We will detect and fix them, and share our progress here.