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[Dev Log] New Workshop Game Modes!

Auto Chess 2021-01-22

New game mode in Workshop: Beloved One

It is an asymmetric battle map. At the very beginning, some may have fewer HP but more Gold while others are quite the opposite. Everything depends on your seats!

(Example only, do not represent the real data)


1. Players in Position 1 and Position 8 will start with fewer initial HP and more initial Gold 

2. Players in other positions will start with more initial HP and standard initial Gold 

3. More Losing Streak Gold


Q: Best number of players for this mode?

A: We highly recommended to start the game when gathering all 8 players


Q: Looks like Position 1 and Position 8 will get big advantages, right?

A: It is an asymmetric battle map. The advantages for both sides are different. Players on Position 1 and 8 will have economic advantages, they can level up and buy chess pieces quickly. They will also experience the intensity of low health. Players on the other side can earn advantages with their high HP, and use the More Losing Streak Gold mechanism to fight back in the late game.




New game mode in Workshop: Limited Legend


Only limited types of 5-Gold chess pieces available, let's build the best lineups now!


1. The basic rules are consistent with the standard modes. However, at the beginning of each game, the system will ban randomly several 5-Gold chess pieces until only 7 types are left. The chess pieces of other qualities will not be impacted 

2. Only with the Golden Heart of Mech, you will be able to get all the 5-Gold chess pieces, including those that are banned


Q: So after some legendary pieces get banned, does it mean there is a lower chance to see them when refreshing the store?

 A: The probabilities won't change. Only the types of 5-Gold chess pieces are decreased.


Q: What's special about this game mode?

A: The chess pieces getting banned will be shown at the beginning of a game. Players can plan their game strategy and lineup based on the ban list. With the varieties of ban lists, every game will bring different game experiences.