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Dev Log: Balance Adjustment and Bug Fix

Auto Chess 2020-05-08

We just shared with you through the official announcement that it was expected to have a version update around May 13th. So, here we want to talk about the content of this update and the adjustment ideas in detail. Let’s move to the topic directly!

[Balance Adjustment]

1. Swordman: extended his cast animation time

Thought: in the current version, a bug "helps" Swordman directly casting the next ability before the end of the previous one. This is not what we expected when we initially set it, so we added a cast animation for Swordman to avoid this situation. This adjustment is not intended to nerf Swordsman in the current version, instead, it is supposed to remove the unsatisfied phenomenon and restore Swordman's proper strength. Besides, because of the cast animation time, you will have more controlling time when you want to restrain Swordman lineups. After the update, you will have the opportunity to find some interesting strategies to restrain it accordingly!

2. God of War: now has [5/5/5] Armor (instead of [5/7/9]
3. God of War: with Shield Crash, he now deals [200/250/300] damages (instead of [100/250/400])


As we mentioned before that some update directions would follow the step of Dota Auto Chess, an adjustment for God of War was then made so this time.

In the context of "The battle of Divinity-Demon", we hope that there will be a certain strong performance for the Divinity, but not that overpowerful than what they're at present. Therefore, we want to balance the situation. As the basis and a tank, the God of War is so easy to star up into 3 stars. We don’t want the Divinity and God of War to be as tough and have such high ATK at the same time as now. Compared with Dota Auto Chess, the armor of the God of War is also a little high, so we decided to do this adjustment.

4. Venom: when casting the ability, he will choose a random enemy (instead of the enemy with the highest attack speed (at 80% chance))

Thoughts: At present, Venom disrupts also the balance, making the physical damage build easy to be restrained. One chess piece can restrain multiple lineups is a phenomenon that we do not want it to happen in the game, so we make such an adjustment. This adjustment is also hoped that more physical damage builds will have the opportunity to show their abilities so that all players can experience the competitive environment.

5. Poisonous Worm: added “Beast” as one of his races

Thoughts: Due to the current version progress, the game can only achieve the 2 Insect build. Since the Beast synergy effect can be inherited by the Summons, this adjustment is also hoped that the Beast synergy attribute can benefit the Insectoid, thereby making the Insectoid stronger.

Other Balance Adjustment:

By analyzing the data, we also notice that some builds such as Goblin, Kira, etc. may be too strong in the current version, but many of the current imbalances are actually caused by the existing bugs in the battle.

There are some other lineups full of possibilities that seem weaker currently due to various bugs. Therefore, we aim to fix the existing bugs first and then organize the future adjustment strategies based on the data performance of different pieces and lineups as well as your feedback.

In addition to this, we are also considering the possibility of some popular lineups such as Warrior, Knight, Hunter, and Assassins returning to the mainstream. It is still under observing and considering.


1. Fixed the issue where you might not get the item loop from the creeps or the item was not presented in the battle

2. Fixed the issue where no items were looped when other players were eliminated in the match

3. Fixed the issue where you might be stuck at the settlement interface at the end of a match

4. Fixed the long waiting time issue when you launched a matchmaking

5. Fixed the issue where the chess pieces were not displayed

6. Fixed the issue where some item resources were missing in the battle

7. Fixed the issue where some items were abnormally displayed

8. Fixed the issue where some chess pieces’ ability was abnormally performed

9. Fixed the issue where you couldn’t start a match when you already confirmed in the waiting line

10. Fixed the issue where some items were abnormally performed after being equipped

11. Fixed the issue where you might be suddenly kicked out of the lobby in the middle of a match

12. Fixed the issue where a crash might be caused when the Synergy Spirit (4) was activated

13. Fixed the issue where the special effect of Venomancer’s skin wae abnormally displayed

14. Fixed the issue where an error might occur when you tap the home bouton to leave then return to the game

15. Fixed the upgrading issue when the Synergy Druid was activated

16. Fixed the issue where the Immobilized effet of the Spirits was missing

17. Fixed the issue where the battle was lagging when Siren has cast the ability

18. Fixed the issue in Anniversary mode where you might encounter a splash screen in the battle when Ashes Hell Knight was deployed

19. Fixed the incorrect descriptions of the ATK and the Damage to Chess Player of some chess pieces in the Illustration

20. Fixed the issue where your ranking in the Settlement interface was inconsistent with that in your history record for Duo mode

21. Fixed the issue where you could not start a match in the Custom lobby

22. Fixed the issue where the legendary skin of the Divinity and the Demon was incorrectly named

23. Fixed the issue where the translator did not work in the World chat channel

The above is a summary of the content that we plan to adjust and repair in this version update, as well as some of our ideas. We know that you still have some other ideas and suggestions, please feel free to let us know in the comment area. We will respond accordingly and consider adding them in the next update plan!

Thank you again for your understanding and support!