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Auto Chess 2020-03-09

Dear Players:

We have been always trying our best to bring you a cheerful and exciting game experience, however, from a competitive perspective, the game rules are as important as your opponents in the battle. The division of three servers becomes somehow an obstacle, you might have wondered about the tactics and preferences of chess players of another culture, and eager to fight against them on a wider stage.

In order to improve your competitive experience and to meet the long-standing appeal of globalization, we decided to open up the existing data of [Asia] [Europe] [USA/Canada] servers and combine them as one global server. In this way, there's no more boundaries for chess players all over the world.

1. Server Merge Process

A maintenance is previewed from 00:00 to 12:00 on 2020.03.12 (UTC) in order to carry out the process. After the maintenance, you will then be able to play chess with chess players from Korea, Japn, USA, Russia etc., all over the world.

2. Choose A Character

If you had created only one character under this account, you could log into the game normally; if you had created characters on several servers, a [Chose a character] option will be presented on the Game loading interface, and you can only choose one existing account to continue the game at present.

Notice: Please choose your character carefully. Players are not allowed to reselect after making the character selection!

3. Attentions

- the following data from your abandoned character will be combined into the chosen one:

All the asset data including Donuts, Candies, Cookies, Chess players, Chess Boards, and the Items in the Inventory

- the following data from your abandoned character will be deleted while the corresponding data of your chosen one will be kept:

The progress of the Season, Chess Pass, Character level, Ranking, Chess piece illustration, and the event.

Season related data (Profile – Record)

All the time-limited Items in use

All the data of the mail system

All the data in the Friend list

- the following data of all your characters will be deleted:

All the history battle records (Avatar – History)

- the following data will be changed accordingly, please restart the game in order to get the latest data:

Your ranking in different Leaderboards

It is our motivation to bringing the joy of Auto Chess for all. We sincerely hope that the server merge will bring a more innovative competitive experience to you. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via official social media. You can also contact Customer Service via

Thanks again for your support!

Auto Chess Operation Team